13 Short Nail Ideas To Try This Summer

Nails are one of the biggest assets of every woman, they are always conscious about their nails and are always busy doing manicures and latest nail arts to preserve the beauty of this exposed body part, nail art could be done in both short and long nails so ladies with short nails could also go for a nice nail art. Nowadays nails are known to be the most important part of a woman’s body and she always wants them to look perfect 24*7, there are various kinds of nail art designs available in the market so you may choose any of them according to your taste. But you should always keep in mind that nail arts are crafted differently by keeping the season in mind that is summer season nail art should be different from that of winter and vice versa.

Here Are Some Nail Designing Tips Given Which You May Try Specially During The Summers:

1. Negative Daisy Design

Keeping the shade of your nails nude will look good during the summerand if you can go for decorating it with a nice daisy flower design, then it will look very cool and light in design and will make you look perfect for the scorching heat of the summer. It looks better in fair skin beauties, but dusky skin beauties could also try it and I know it will look very fashionable and beautiful.

Negative daisy design

2. Minimal Watermelon Design

This design is for the ladies who love colour as this design needs to be done with lots of vibrant and bright colours all you have to do to get this awesome nail design is painted each of the nails of your finger with green colour nail paint coat all your nails fully with this colour except the ring finger as the coat will be half on this finger. Then cover the left half portion of your both the ring fingers with orangey ,red shade let them dry and then finish it with a final coat at last. You are ready to flaunt this latest summer nail design which is simple yet classy.

Minimal watermelon design

3. Nail Art With Nail Foil And Tape

This nail art will give you a nice delicate texture and a beautiful lustrous effect which you just love the procedure is very simple but the result is gorgeous and ideal for summer. At first you have to coat all your nails with a nude base coat ,then after sometime when it becomes tacky then place those nail strips of the alternating tape of the nails and then use a foil to this arrangement you can use any type of foil you like them at the end seal the entire arrangement with a clean and clear topcoat.

Nail art with nail foil and tape

4. Glossy French Tip Nail Design

As all the ladies are well acquainted with the French manicure style and its quite popular manicure trend for many years as it looks nice in both long and short nails it is very simple all you have to do is after the French manicure, you just have to swipe off the glitter polish of your nails and finish it with a top coat.

Glossy French tip nail design

5. Nail Art With Black And Gold

The black colour nail paint always looks very gorgeous and sexy whoever wears it just choose from a high shine range black nail colour and design it with golden lines of paint. At first start with a black base coat, then on that apply some parallel lines drawn with gold nail, tape specifically just below the tip of your nail and then at the end clear it with a top coat.

Nail art with black and gold

6. Designing With Funny Cartoons

Nail designing with popular funny cartoon faces is very common among the teenage girls as it looks very cute and nice and this design is best suited on short nails and it is very in fashion during thesummer. At first paint your nail with the face colour of your favourite cartoon character which you want to paint your nail with them slowly and perfectly carve out the different part of the face by using a tiny paint brush.

Designing with funny cartoons

7. Nail Art By Fiery Tips

This fiery nail tips, art is ideal for you if you are going to a party, to get this awesome nail at first you have to coat your nails with black nail paint and then create a nice fiery design with a combination of orange and red colour on the tip of your nails and you are ready to rock the party.

Nail art by fiery tips

8. A Nice Summery Design

This design is entirely for the summer season which is crafted with nice lemons and your favorite summer plants. At first you have to apply a single white base coat and then craft the desired shape with black nail paint with the help of a thin and small brush.

A nice summery design

9. Nice Candy Stripes

This design is for bubby sweet cute girls who like to party during summer especially on the beaches as this design looks great on the beaches you can choose the shade of a bubble gum or the shade of your favourite candy which is obviously some bright colours.

Nice candy stripes

10. Sunny Days Nail Design

As the name suggests this nail art is entirely for the summer season as it contains the colour yellow with a combination of orange. At first coat all your nail with yellow colour nail paint and then craft and paint the tip with a glimpse of light orange and you will get the perfect sunshine texture ideal for summers.

Sunny days nail design

11. Zig- Zag Nail Design

If you are a lazy lass and hates going to the parlour very often then this design is ideal for you as it is very simple and everyone can perform this nail design quite easily, at first just paint all your nails with different colours by giving it a single coat them after drying it just craft some rough geometric patterns on your nails, finish it with last coat and you are ready to beat the heat with your cool attitude.

Zig- zag nail design

12. All Mixed Up Designs

This design is quite cool and casual to flaunt during summer just choose some juicy fruit designs like that of strawberries, raspberries and cranberries, apply a base coat of your choice and craft these fruit designs each on every alternative nails and you are ready to blush.

All mixed up designs

13. Water Marble Designs

If you love those subtle marble nails ,then this design is ideal for you during summers this summer version, especially comes with an innovative neon shade to get this design start coating your nails with white base coat so that the colours could get pop up and then finish it with the final clear top coat.

Water marble designs