13 Ways To Get Blemish Free Skin

Blemish free skin is something that we all desire but due to environmental hazards, exposure to pollution, poor eating habits, etc. our body undergoes drastic changes and this causes blemishes on the face. Often, some hormonal changes are also to be blamed for the same. Here are some simple and easy tips that can help you get blemish free skin in no time.

Here Are The 13 Ways To Get Blemish Free Skin:

1. Avoid Saturated Fats

Saturated fats like butter are to be blamed for causing a hindrance in the digestion process, which eventually leads to the accumulation of toxins in the system. As a result, you become prone to blemishes, acne, etc.

Avoid Saturated Fats

2. Eat Fibres

The next step would be to having more of fibres that include leafy vegetables, oats, pulses, lentils, etc. On the whole, all kinds of fibre foods should be a part of your diet as they help in detoxifying and cleansing your system and also provides you with glowing and blemish free skin.

Eat Fibres

3. Avoid Processed Foods

The next step here is to avoid having more of processed foods that contain excessive amounts of sugar and salt, which is a disastrous combination for the skin. Eating these foods leads to high amount of sodium in the blood, which causes blemishes.

Avoid Processed Foods

4. Exfoliate Every 2-3 Days

Invest in a good exfoliation pack that can be used everyday 2-3 days. Remember that exfoliation is ideally done once a week, but during your initial period – when you have too many blemishes, regular exfoliation will help in getting rid of the dead layers of the skin from above and help the younger and deeper layers of the skin to come up. Try using an exfoliator that is suited for your skin type – oily, normal, dry or sensitive skin. You can pick some natural based ones too.

Exfoliate Every 2-3 Days

5. Avoid Touching The Blemishes

The more you touch it, the worse it gets. That’s the rule of thumb with blemishes that is essential here. Considering that your hands are dirty as comrade to the rest of your body, the more you touch it the worse it gets. You should try and wash your hands more often too because it prevents the dirt from getting there.

Avoid Touching The Blemishes

6. Use Tea Tree Based Cleanser

A tea tree based cleanser is suggested for blemish skin types because it contains natural antibacterial agents. You can use a soap or face wash that has tea tree or even mix some tea tree oil with water and then use it for cleansing your face. This helps in controlling and preventing the blemishes.

Use Tea Tree Based Cleanser

7. Wash Face Before Retiring To Bed

Whether you use soap in the morning or not, make sure that you wash your face in the night before retiring to bed. What happens is your skin rejuvenates at night and if your pores are blocked, it doesn’t happen. Washing or deep cleaning face at night helps in unclogging the pores and allows your skin to breathe free.

Wash Face Before Retiring To Bed

8. Apply Night Cream An Hour Before Going To Bed

Another rule to remember here is using a night cream at least an hour before retiring. As mentioned above, you should leave your skin with some room for breathing. This way you give your night cream an hour to do its work and before you get into deep sleep the pores are open again, thus preventing blemishes.

Apply Night Cream An Hour Before Going To Bed

9. Drink Carom Seed Water

First thing in the morning, get up and drink some carom seed water. For this method, you have to boil a cup of carom seeds in a litre of water. Cool and then strain. Drink this water at least once every morning to detox and smoother bowel movements. This in turn helps your skin breath more freely.

Drink Carom Seed Water

10. Switch To Green Tea

Forget the caffeine laden coffee and tea, you should switch over to green tea. The high amount of caffeine found in these cause a lot of blemish issues. Green tea on the other hand contains high amount of antioxidants that are known for treating the blemishes. At least 2 cups of green tea should be consumed every day.

Green Tea (2)

11. Avoid Foundation And Switch To BB Creams

BB creams are a better alternative to foundations because they provide you with the same smooth finish but without any worries of pores getting clogged. BB creams contain a bit of foundation blended with moisturiser that creates a dual affect of getting blemish free skin.

Avoid Foundation And Switch To BB Creams

12. Opt For An Astringent

An astringent toner is recommended to keep pores closed post deep cleansing. Doing so prevents dirt from penetrating into the layers of your skin. Use one based with rose water or lime, which helps in preventing blemishes.

Opt For An Astringent

13. Use Citrus Based Products

Being rich in vitamin C and A, these citrus based products are ideal for controlling your blemish breakouts. They are also rich in nutrients that help you get clear and blemish free skin.

Use Citrus Based Products