14 Effective Super Foods To Get Glowing Skin This Winter

In winter there is lack of moisture in the air, which makes our skin dry and it looks dull all the time. Actually less humidity in air steals away moisture from your skin making it drier. You may have used lots of beauty products to get a glowing skin during winters. But to get a healthy glowing skin you need to eat some super foods regularly. Here is a brief list of super foods which are easily available during winter season. So, to get a healthy glowing beautiful skin in winter you must have to keep them in your daily food items.

1. Strawberries:

In winter you can find plenty of Strawberries in market which are really delicious. This awesome super food is power packed with numerous nutrients which makes your skin glowing from inside. This fruit contains lots of vitamins and minerals in it which is important for skin health. It is also rich in anti oxidants which are beneficial for preventing pre mature aging of your skin.

2. Oranges:

Oranges are another miraculous fruit which are easily available in market during the winters. This juicy citrus fruit is one of the best sources of vitamin C and Anti Oxidants. It is also rich in water content which helps in maintaining proper water balance in your skin. Anti Oxidants prevents cellular damages of your skin and prevents winter dryness. It also increases the glow of your skin and provides a healthy shine on your skin.

3. Spinach:

Do you love to eat spinach? Here is another valid reason to consume it in more amounts. This super food is rich in vitamin A and E which is very much important for skin health. This awesome green leafy vegetable is too good for our skin as it is rich in minerals too which are also important for our skin. Try to keep this green leafy vegetable in your winter diet for a healthy glowing skin.

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4. Tomatoes:

Tomatoes are really very easy to found during winter season which helps us in maintaining proper skin health. It is rich in an anti oxidant named as Lycopin. Lycopin is good for our skin as it makes our skin flawless and repairs skin damages caused by free radicals. So, if you want a glowing skin this winter try to incorporate Tomatoes in your every day diet.

5. Apples:

Apples are also good for keeping your skin healthy. This awesome fruit is a rich source of anti oxidants which keeps your skin soft and damage free. It keeps your skin free from any aging signs and supple. Not only for consumption are Apples also good for application in your skin through home made face packs.

6. Almonds:

To get glowing skin in winters you must have to keep almonds in your daily diet plan. Almonds are a rich source of various important nutrients like minerals and vitamins. It is rich in vitamin E which is so important for skin health. Include it in your breakfast or in your evening snacks to get most benefit out of it.

7. Avocados:

Avocados are so much beneficial for healthy skin and hair while we are using it in our beauty recipes. But do you know that regular consumption of this fruit especially in winter can provide you a glowing skin. This awesome fruit is high in moisture content which helps in locking moisture in your skin, so that it remains hydrated for a long time. It also contains vitamin C, A and E which keeps your skin healthy. It also enriched with folic acid and magnesium which are also beneficial for healthy skin.

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8. Green Tea:

Do you love tea? Now take a cup of green tea every day to get glowing skin in winter. Green Tea is rich in flavonoids which are one kind of anti oxidant and helps in keeping your skin youthful. It slows down the aging process of skin and prevents pre mature skin aging. So, now when you have a cup of tea, it must be a cup of green tea.

9. Grapefruit:

Grapefruit is one of the most important fruit among citrus fruits. You can find plenty of grapefruits in winters. Just keep one grapefruit daily in your diet to get glowing skin this winter. You can make juice from it and drink it. This fruit is rich in minerals and you can find lot of vitamin C in it, which are important to have glowing skin.

10. Olive Oil:

Olive Oil is a rich source of Vitamin A and E, and thus it is good for glowing skin. You can use it in your salads or can cook your meals in extra virgin olive oil. It is a rich source of protein and mono saturated fat, both of which are important for skin health.Apart from consumption, you can massage your skin with it, which nourishes your skin and removes dryness even if in extreme cold. So include it in your diet or use it in your beauty regime to get glowing skin in this winter.

11. Dark Chocolate:

Do you love Dark Chocolates? If it is yes, then it can be beneficial for you. Dark Chocolates are rich in a unique nutrient named flavonols, which are basically one type of anti oxidant. This superb nutrient keeps your skin youthful and glowing in a natural way. So try to keep in your diet if you want to be a proud owner of glowing skin in winter.

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12. Broccoli:

This green veggie is a power house of all important nutrients that helps in having a healthy skin. It is rich all the essential minerals which keeps your skin healthy in a natural way. It also contains vitamin A and E which ensures a healthy glow on your skin. This amazing vegetable helps in production of collagen tissues in your skin.

13. Carrots:

You can find plenty of Carrots in winter market. Give it a try in your everyday diet. This yellowish veggie is rich in beta carotene which is also responsible for its yellow color. Beta carotene is one type of anti-oxidant which fights against cell damage due to free radicals, slows down skin aging and prevents fine lines or wrinkles on your skin.

14. Salmon:

If you want to have glowing skin in winter then you must have Salmon in your everyday menu. Because this food item is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and other important minerals which are beneficial for skin health. It helps in keeping the skin elasticity and keeps it firm from the outside.

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