15 Effective And Natural Tan Removal Ideas At Home

Tan is something that has an impact on your face and the body too. It means that the because of excess exposure to the sunlight, your skins melanin and layers have become darker. And this would naturally take weeks to heal. But thanks to the use of these simple tips and masks, you can get rid of tan faster. They work by getting rid of upper dead layers of the skin and thus rejuvenate the skin and help you get back your natural skin tone.

Here Are The 15 Effective And Natural Tan Removal Ideas At Home:

1. Tomato Mask

Basically tomato contains melanin which is really great for helping your skin tone get back to normal. What it does is naturally get rid of pigmentation and its natural acids help in restoring the pH balance of the skin, which aids in faster tan removal. Just take the pulp of a tomato and rub across face and body twice a day. You will see visible results in a week.

Tomato Mask

2. Red Lentils With Milk

Tan removal with red lentils really works because it contains natural properties that helps in restoring your skins natural skin tone. You need to soak about 4-5 spoons of and soak it in 2-3 spoons of milk. Let it soak overnight. In the morning puree this in a blender and apply all over the face and neck. Let it stay for about 15-20 minutes. Do this daily.

Red Lentils With Milk

3. Lemon Juice With Honey

A natural and yet so easy to use method for tan removal is using honey with lemon juice. Again, the lemon juice is rich in vitamin C along with acids that helps in lightening your skin tone. Mix 1 soon of each and then apply on face. Wash post 15 minutes.

Lemon Juice With Honey

4. Aloe Vera Gel

You can easily just scrape out of the gel from an aloe-vera leaf and then apply it all over the face. The soothing and cooling properties of the aloe vera not only fight the skin burn but help in tan removal too. If you want faster results, add some lime juice to the same.

Aloe Vera

5. Buttermilk Bath

If you have tan all over the body and need a solution that helps in getting rid of the same, then add about half a bucket of buttermilk to your regular bath. Then soak in the same for about 15-20 minutes. You can also rub the buttermilk all over the body.

Buttermilk Bath

6. Sandalwood Mask With Rose Water

For this natural tan removal method, you just need to mix about 2-3 spoons of sandalwood powder with about one spoon of rose water. You can also grate your sandalwood stick with some rose water. Mix it into a thick paste. Then apply all over body and neck. This soothes and helps in quicker  removal of tan.

Sandalwood Mask With Rose Water

7. Turmeric And Gram Flour

For this mask you need about 2-3 spoons of gram flour along with a pinch of turmeric. You can also add some yogurt or even lime juice to this for additional benefits. Apply the paste all over the affected areas and let it dry. Finally wash off.

Turmeric and Gram Flour

8. Yogurt With Honey

Another mask that really helps in getting rid of tan along with skin flakiness that comes alongside is yogurt with honey. For making this mask, just mix 2-3 spoons of thick yogurt with a spoon of honey. Now whip it well and then apply all over your face, body and neck.

Yogurt with Honey

9. Almond Powder With Milk

A quick and effective way of getting rid of tan is almond powder with milk. The rich vitamin E and natural nutrients found in the almond help to get rid of tan. Also, it helps in getting rid of the upper dead layers, revealing smoother skin. Mix 3-4 spoons of almond powder with 2 spoons of milk. Use as scrub or face mask.

Almond Powder With Milk

10. Olive Oil

Massaging the body or affected areas with olive oil helps in quicker tan removal. The natural oils helps in replenishing the layers and provides ample nutrients. As a result, one can get rid of tan much faster.

Olive Oil

11. Saffron With Cream

Take about 1 spoon of milk and soak some saffron strands in the same. Once the milk changes colour completely, add this to some regular home cream. Mix it up well and apply all over the face and neck.

Saffron With Cream

12. Coconut Water

The soothing properties of the coconut water help in getting rid of tan. It also contains nutrients that gets rid of stubborn tan marks on pigmented areas. Just take some coconut water in a bowl and apply as desired.

Coconut Water

13. Potato Juice

Take 2 potatoes and just get their juice in a blender. Now apply this all over the face and body. Do this twice a day to see natural results as it has bleaching properties.

Potato Juice

14. Figs

Take overripe figs and make a puree out of them. Then apply it all over the face as a scrub or mask. This too has natural lightening properties for tan removal.


15. Fullers Earth With Coconut Oil

Take 2 spoons of coconut oil and equal quantities of fullers earth. Mix it well to make a pack. Apply and let it dry for 20 minutes then wash off.

Fullers Earth With Coconut Oil