I’ve listed out the most stylish short stacked bob hairstyles that everyone can wear. It suits curly hair and wavy hair too!

Initially, it was thought that short hair can look good only on few women with a small face and sharp cuts but now there are so many styles available in short hair that every woman with any kind of face and hair can have it.

Today some of the most stylish women from many industries are cutting their hair short. Short hair can be easily taken care, managed, washed, dried and suits you best if you came from the hot region.

It becomes easier to manage a short haircut if you have straight fine hair. If you have wavy hair then to maintain a short hair you need a blow dryer or a flat iron.

Curly hair mostly frizzes when you cut it too short. But all this will depend on the kind of short hairstyle you choose. Bob cuts work out best on straight and fine hair. If you have wavy hair bob cuts will make you look gorgeous. And it’s actually proven that getting a haircut especially something as drastic as a bob haircut can make you feel better.

Almost all the women with all kinds of face cut and hair quality and any age can wear bob cut except those who have super curly hair.

Today I’ve listed out the top short stacked bob hairstyles that suit almost every face type and hair texture. Check it out below!

Short Stacked Bob Hairstyles

1. Feathered Bob Cut

Short Stacked Bob Hairstyles
Source: Instagram@mshairgeek

This hair style does wonders on your hair by adding texture and dept to it. Feathered Bob has two different layers choppy combined with long face-framing strands and you can ad stylish streaks of brown or your choice of color in these strands.

2. Inverted Bob Cut

What is a short stacked bob
Source: Instagram@hairbytara_c

If you are tired of hair locks and looking for elegant and modern day to day look then inverted on is short simple and sweet hair style that gives you a girly look. It is cut inward at the nape of your neck and looks great with brown shade.

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There are plenty of inverted bob cuts like smooth flowing, shoulder length, radiant bob cut, sharply symmetrical bob, sleek, layered and inverted, thick, symmetrical and inverted, frizzy inverted bob cut. You can add many colors to you inverted bob cut like, dark brown, maroon, blond or purple.

3. Bettie Bangs

best short layered bob haircuts
Source: Instagram@penel0pes_adventures

Bettie bangs is super short blunt bangs that are cut high up on the forehead. It was named on Bettie page a model from 1940s.

4. Bob Cut With Side Fringe

bobs for black women
Source: Instagram@antonhairstyles

Short sleek bob with huge side fringe will make you look sexier. You can add few streaks of color to your fringe this will add more character on your face. This hairstyle will give you funky stylish and offbeat look. But remember if your hair folds or it is curly then it becomes difficult to maintain this style.

5. Stacked Bob With Purple Streaks

short hair with hightlights
Source: Instagram@breweemshair

I love this bob cut style as it makes any one look funky rebellious and just stylish and can go well with any face shape.

6. Fiery Red Short Stacked Bob

What is the difference between a layered bob and a stacked bob
Source: Instagram@donatosalonspa

If you love being the center of attraction then wear the fiery red bob cut. This bold and beautiful cut with multi-tonal red is a real show stopper.

7. Extreme Graduated Bob Cut

Are stacked bobs Still in Style 2022
Source: Instagram@janine.ker.cuts

Extreme graduated bob cut is a hair cut that can unleash the rock star inside you. It is a hair cut that is strikingly different and gives you glamorous look.

8. Wavy Bob Cut

wavy bob haircuts
Source: Instagram@alibaileylondon

You have wavy hair and you are looking for a short hair-cut then wavy bob cut will go very well for you. This hair cut is cute and carefree makes you look out of the world.

9. The “Lob” Cut

lob haircuts for women
Source: Instagram@shopwithsone

This hair cut is one of the most popular and trendy hair cut running around the globe and you can see many women wearing it and suits all the faces.

10. Two Tone Pixie Bob Cut

pixie haircuts for women
Source: Instagram@rachel_s21

Pixie-Bob with two tone style like the golden blonde on the top and chocolate brown on the lower side will add a lot of drama and dept in your hair cut and any one will want to turn around and look at you once.

11. Chestnut Bob Cut

chestnut brown haircuts
Source: Instagram@b.hairstyle_hitomi

This hairstyle is extremely dramatic and for you, if you like no non-sense look. This cut features hard edges and clean line and gives a serious look to over all persona.

12. Blue And Red Bob Cut

colored bob hairstyles
Source: Instagram@hairncare_ffm

simple yet classy chin length hair cut with sweeping bangs and stacked bob is beautifully flattering style among all the bobs and when combined with gold streaks and black logs just look’s amazing.

13. Asymmetrical Short Bob Cut

 Asymmetrical Short Bob Cut
Source: Instagram@rockthebellabeauty

This hair cut frames any ones face nicely If you add layers to it with a flick on a fore head Asymmetrical cut will look just great.

14. Spiky Short Bob Cut

Are short bobs in Style 2022
Source: Instagram@

You love being funky, different and stunning then spiky bob cut is for you. It is one of the classic bob cuts and quite sexy too. To make it look stunning you can add on side weeping bangs in your spiky bob.

15. Blunt Bob Cut

 Blunt Bob Cut
Source: Instagram@laura_hairx

If you want simple sweet and classic short hair then blunt bob cut is the best choice. To keep it sweet and simple just cut all your hair in the same length and if you want to add little bit of drama you can combine your blunt cut with nice color that suits your face, whether streaks or full hail both will look great on blunt.


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Your personality plays a big role when you want to choose a short haircut and short hair will add on to your looks. Bob cuts are the best short and trendy hairstyle and have been popular ever since and are most wanted styles at the moment.

They are classic cuts that can be worn almost in all settings and goes well with all the outfits. Bob cut will look good on you if you are in high school, doing graduation, working in any multi-national company, or if you are from fashion and style industry, or a housewife.

It will also suit you if you are a mother of few kids or granny. It is nothing that can stop you from having any bob cut style as there are plenty of them. Some bob cuts are best cut for those women who just don’t want to waste any time on combing and untangling the long hair.

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