16 Hacks To Manage Zits On Body And Face

Zits happen because of a malfunction in the sebaceous glands and erupt on the skin like acne. However, there is a fluid like teeny deposit inside these zits which means that if you pop them, you are risking infections, especially with the nails. Thankfully, there are some easy and quick ways to deal with these zits that appear anywhere on the body, including the back, neck and also the face, making it embarrassing.

Here Are Some Quick Solutions:

1. Avoid Junk And Processed Foods

The first and the most common cause for eruption of zits is too much of junk and processed foods, especially packaged drinks and fried foods. So if you are binging on these remember that along with your waistline, these are going to be a menace for your clear skin too.

Avoid Junk And Processed Foods

2. Switch To Fibrous Diet

A fibrous diet would be instrumental in getting rid of your zits. In particular, they are known for deep cleansing your tummy and flush out the harmful toxins that create malfunctioning of sebaceous glands.

Switch To Fibrous Diet

3. Have Warm Honey And Lemon Tea

Warm honey and lemon tea on a regular basis is highly recommended for flushing out toxins from the body, especially if taken first thing in the morning. Have one cup water mixed with 1 spoon each of honey and lemon juice.

Have Warm Honey And Lemon Tea

4. Avoid Touching/ Scratching The Zit

Constant touching and scratching the zit is something that you must avoid at all costs. Every time you are touching the same, you are triggering the zit that could lead to infection and even worse spread of the same.

Avoid Touching/ Scratching The Zit

5. Wash Hands And Face

Regular washing of hands and face is suggested. The more blocked your skin pores are, the high the chances of the zit spreading or getting infected. Regular washing also helps in faster healing.

Wash Hands And Face

6. Apply Indian Lilac Paste/ Oil

Just puree some Indian Lilac or even take the oil of the same. Apply this on the infected area, including the surrounding zones. You can also take a bath with these leaves for getting rid of the zit faster.

Apply Indian Lilac Paste/ Oil

7. Aloe Vera

Take a dollop of aloe vera gel in your hand and then apply it all over the infected areas. Remember to let the gel stay for a while for creating a soothing effect. No need to wash and repeat twice a day.

Aloe Vera

8. Hot Water Compress

Just take very warm water and use a cotton ball to dip in this water. Shake off the excess water and do a compress. The warm water in particular is suggested for helping the zit reach a mature stage and eventually pop on its own.

Hot Water Compress

9. Honey

Use a drop of honey and apply it on the infected area. Honey has antibacterial properties that helps in soothing the zit. Alongside you can also massage this honey on your entire body or areas that are prone to zits.


10. Orange Peel Powder

The vitamins in the orange peel powder are highly recommended for getting rid of zits. Just take the dried and peel powder and puree the same, mix it up with some fresh yogurt or even gram flour and apply. Wash off once the pack is dry.

Orange Peel Powder

11. Sandalwood Paste

If you have a sandalwood stick at home then make some paste of sandalwood and apply on the face and body, especially areas surrounding the zit. You can also make use of sandalwood powder if you don’t have the stick.

Sandalwood Paste

12. Cold Rose Water Compress

For this, just freeze some ice cubes mixed with rose water and apply all over the face. You can also chill some rose water and give yourself a compress with this or soak in the same. Rose water helps in fighting zits and prevents them from recurring.

Cold Rose Water Compress

13. Turmeric And Gram Flour

Instead of soap, just take some gram flour mixed with turmeric and lemon juice. Add yogurt if you want. Apply this all over zit-prone areas and allow it to dry. Not only will this pop the zit naturally but also prevent scarring.

Turmeric And Gram Flour

14. Tea Tree Oil

Always use diluted tea tree oil for zits as it is is very strong. You can dilute it with some aloe vera or honey and then apply and massage over the infected areas. Let it stay for about 20 minutes before washing off.

Tea Tree Oil

15. Warm Mustard Oil

Just heat up some mustard oil and then when it is still hot but a bearable temperature apply a drop on the zit. Wait for 10-15 minutes and then wash off. Doing so helps the zit to mature and pop naturally.

Warm Mustard Oil

16. Fruit Scrub

Take any seeded fruits like strawberries or kiwi, etc. and puree them roughly. Massage face and body with this as it helps to get rid of the zit from the root by natural means of exfoliation. It also helps in getting rid of zit marks.

Fruit Scrub