17 Ways To Manage Chronic Dandruff At Home

Chronic dandruff is not your regular dandruff that goes away with a shampoo. It is a more intense form of dandruff that affects women, especially in the later 40’s as the body starts undergoing hormonal changes. However, it affects younger women too and is associated with itching, flakiness, hair fall, etc.

Here Are 17 Ways To Manage Chronic Dandruff At Home:

1. Lime Juice

Lime juice is one of the oldest forms of remedies used for treating chronic dandruff. The natural acidity found in the lime juice is known to reduce dandruff spread and also prevents it from recurring. For this remedy, just take the juice of two limes and also a little bit of the zest, which prevents infection. Then mix it up with some oil or honey and apply all over the scalp and roots.

Lime Juice

2. Yogurt

Yogurt is a quick way for getting rid of dandruff of even the most chronic forms. You have to apply the same at least 2-3 times a week for getting results. For this, you have to apply sour yogurt on the entire scalp and also the tips because the hair shaft needs nourishment right from the top. Leave it on for about 20 minutes and then wash off.


3. Avoid Hot Water Shower

Hot water is the biggest enemy for chronic dandruff. The very cause of the chronic dandruff is imbalance in the scalp and hot water gets rid of whatever remaining nutrients are left there. Hence, you should use luke warm or even cooler water for application on the scalp.

Avoid Hot Water Shower

4. Switch To No Sulphate Shampoos

There are many natural and organic brands of shampoos out there, which are free or devoid of parabens along with sulphate. These are two core ingredients that are known for causing chronic dandruff but also make it worse. Ideally, you should use these as they maintain your pH balance in the scalp and thus minimise the problem.

Switch To No Sulphate Shampoos

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is highly recommended for treating chronic dandruff because it contains Lauric Acid, which is also found in breast milk. This acid is known for improving your pH balance and also helps in getting natural nutrients into the scalp, especially vitamin E and A. Lightly heat the coconut oil and then apply on the scalp and hair.

Coconut Oil

6. Mayonnaise

Any mayonnaise, which could be store bought or even made at home is known for fighting the problem of chronic dandruff. The ideal way to make it would be whipping some olive oil along with eggs. Then apply this mixture on the hair and massage gently. Wash off with luke warm water.


7. Drink More Water

Your diet plays a very crucial role in chronic dandruff problems. Individuals who drink less of water tend to suffer from hair and skin dryness. Considering the body is made up of water mostly, it is essential that you have at least 8-10 glasses of the same a day. Lack of water makes the scalp extremely dry, thus making it dandruff prone.

Drinking sufficient water

8. Tea Tree Oil

You can also dilute tea tree oil and then use it on the scalp. What happens here is that tree tree oil is known for its many antibacterial and anti fungal functions that helps in controlling the dandruff. You can apply tea tree oil mixed with either your shampoo or even oil. If possible leave the oil on overnight for best results and rinse the next day.

Tea Tree Oil

9. Mustard Oil

The mustard oil is one of the most natural ways for getting rid of chronic dandruff. It is ideally suited for people who have very dry scalp and hair type. Furthermore, it is an oil that has natural pungent properties and a sharp smell. Massage the scalp with the oil and let it stay for a while. Now take a hot towel and then wrap it up around your head so that your scalp can absorb all the goodness here.

Mustard Oil

10. Diet Changes

Along with these, it is also essential that you implement some diet changes. Often, the lack of nutrients and minerals are the cause of chronic dandruff. You should include more of green vegetables in your diet, along with fibre and fresh fruits and veggies. Doing so helps in building your natural immunity and hydrates the scalp and roots from within to promote healthy hair.

Diet Changes

11. Honey

Like tea tree, honey too is rich in nourishing and hydrating properties. In fact, it has antibacterial benefits too. You can take some spoons of honey mixed with yogurt and apply on the hair. You can also mix it with oil and lemon juice for the same. If you have really dry scalp, then leave the honey on for about 1 hour and do this treatment twice a week.


12. Avocado

Dryness is often the cause of chronic dandruff. The healthy omega 3 acids in the avocado along with natural fats help in hydrating and nourishing your hair shaft. Just mash some ripe avocado and apply it on the scalp. Leave it for a couple of hours and then wash off.


13. Sesame Oil

Another oil that is effective in treating dandruff is sesame oil. It contains a lot of nutrients along with vitamins that are beneficial for curbing this problem. But because this is a heavier oil, you should mix it up with some olive oil and then apply.

Sesame Oil

14. Steam

Chronic dandruff is often caused because of blocked pores and thus steam is suggested to open up the same. Ideally, you should enter a steamed bathroom or even use a very hot towel and wrap it around your head post. This helps the clogged pores to open up and treats dandruff too.


15. Avoid Excessive Hair Treatments

Do not go for blow drying, hair straightening and other random treatments if you are suffering from chronic dandruff, this makes it worse. If you need to blow dry, then keep the dryer away from the scalp as much as possible.

Avoid Excessive Hair Treatments

16. Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds, especially powdered are a power ingredient to fight dandruff. Along with eating the same you can also mix up the powder or the sees of the same in some oil – like coconut and bring it to a boil. Once it cools down, strain the oil and then apply on the scalp regularly.

Cumin Seeds

17. Camphor

A pinch of camphor can be added to any regular oil before massaging the scalp. The minty smell of the camphor and its natural ingredients are known for fighting chronic dandruff.