18 Amazing Hair Serums For Manageable Damage Free Hair

Glossy and damage free hair is every woman’s dream. No matter you have long hair or short, unkempt hair are brittle, frizzy and dull. While there are so many spa services that can boost your hair quality, but not all can afford those expensive hair nourishment treatments. The problem gets worse, if you have chemically treated hair. Such hair need over nourishment, since their natural bond is broken to straighten them. The only rescue product that can deal with all these problems is a hair serum. It is effective, affordable and hassle free. Let us explore 18 best hair serums that will maintain your hair health, keeping them glossy.

1. Dove Advanced Hair series Regenerative Nourishment Serum In-Oil

This hair serum is a boon for chemically treated and coloured hair. It works as a serum to keep hair frizz free, and also nourishes the roots with the goodness of essential oils. It rejuvenates damaged hair by maintaining the hair tresses. It also reduces the appearance of split ends. It protects hair from sun damage too. Simply apply it on freshly washed hair, after drying them. Apply all along the lower part of your hair to tips.

2. John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum

This is an amazing frizz control hair serum that can also be used for chemically treated hair. It contains silicone that detangle every hair strand. It also prevents hair frizzing due to humidity. It has the goodness of a sunscreen. Thus, it protects hair against UV damage. It increases the staying capacity of coloured hair too.

3. Silk Therapy Serum By Biosilk

This amazing hair serum by Biosilk contains hydrolyzed real silk proteins. It makes hair smooth and velvet soft. It penetrates deep within each damaged hair strand and offers nourishment to dry hair, controlling frizz. Hair originally are made up of 19 amino acids. And this serum contains natural extracts of 17 of those 19 amino acids. It has the power to completely transform damaged hair by making them healthy and glossy. Apply on semi wet hair after you take a shower.

4. Expert Keratin Smooth 5 Benefits 1 System Serum By TRESemme

This hair serum is suitable for normal hair, coloured hair as well as chemically treated hair. It manages and heals 5 hair problems single handedly. It removes frizz and detangles every single hair strand. It makes hair fuller, shiny and smooth. It is highly affordable and non greasy, and should be applied on wet hair.

5. Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Smoothing Serum

This hair serum is suitable for all hair kinds. It increases the volume of thin hair by promoting the formation of new hair follicles. This makes hair thicker and stronger, and improves their texture too. Apply on wet hair after shampooing. You can also use it generously before going to bed.

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6. Sleek And Shine Anti-Frizz Serum By Garnier Fructis

This hair serum makes hair look straight by detangling every hair strand. It removes and controls frizz and makes hair fuller. Once applied, it can keep hair frizz free even in extreme weather conditions having more than 90 percent humidity. It improves hair texture and nourishes dry hair. Apply on moist or dried hair after shampooing them.

7. OGX Anti-Breakage Serum With Nourishing Coconut Milk

The major reason behind split ends that makes hair look lifeless and ugly is hair breakage. The OGX Anti-Breakage hair Serum contains keratin protein coconut oil. It makes brittle hair stronger. Such hair are prone to lesser breakage. Its silk repair therapy simultaneously makes damaged hair smooth and improves their texture. Apply this hair serum every night before going to bed. You can also apply it all along the hair length, excluding scalp, after every hair wash.

8. 7 In 1 Serum, Moroccan Me A Miracle by Herbal Essences

This magical hair serum fights 7 signs of hair damage: frizz, hair breakage, dullness, sun damage, coarse hair and hair fall. It is rich in essential oils that make hair smoother by improving their coarse texture. The hair becomes manageable and glossy. They become strong and devoid of split ends. This hair serum has a mild fragrance of natural Moroccan flower extracts.

9. Smooth Intense Frizz Taming Serum By L’Oreal Paris

This highly affordable hair serum by L’Oreal detangles hair and improves their texture. It moisturizes and hydrates every single hair strand. It makes hair super manageable by controlling frizz. Once used, it lasts for over 6 days and keeps hair frizz free. It makes hair smoother and glossy. It has the goodness of a conditioner too. It can offer natural hair a wet look, offering them a perfect straight look without the need of using a hair straightener.

10. Argan Oil Hair Serum With Vitamin E And Aloe Vera By Evolution

This anti-frizz hair serum offers a wet look even to normal hair that are not chemically treated. It is rich in aloe vera and vitamin E. Vitamin E moisturizes every single hair strand and aloe vera softens and hydrates them. It also adds volume to thin hair by promoting hair growth and reducing hair fall. It can also soften and detangle curly hair.

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11. The Grapeseed Glossing Serum By Body Shop

This wonderful hair serum makes frizzy hair manageable by moisturizing and detangling them. It is a perfect choice for people with dry hair. It makes hair thicker, stronger and shiny. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, apply this hair serum and leave it on for 10 minutes. Rinse it properly. It protects the hair from sun and pollution damage throughout the day. The resulting hair will have a frizz free wet look that will last for one entire day. You can also apply it on wet hair tips, and let it stay on your hair throughout the day.

12. Organic Hair Growth Accelerating Serum By Burst

This unisex organic hair serum is a boon for people suffering from heavy hair fall. It is rich in Pro-Botanic complex, biotin and argan seed oil. It triggers the formation of new hair follicles that promote the formation of new undamaged hair. It not just makes thin hair thicker, it also reduces hair fall by using its special stem cell technology. It is suitable for all hair types, including sensitive hair.

13. Ever Sleek Frizz Finish Serum By L’Oreal Paris

This amazing hair serum is an ideal choice for women with unmanageable dry hair. It contains natural extracts of argan seed oil. It also contains various essential oils from natural flower extracts. It detangles each adamant hair strand. It doesn’t dry the hair at all. It doesn’t make them sticky as well. It removes frizz and controls it even in humid weather. This makes hair satin soft and glossy.

Apply few drops of this serum on wet hair from lower length to tips. Leave it on throughout the day to keep your hair healthy and damage free.

14. Curl Definition Luxe Style Gel Hair Serum By Suave Professionals

This is one of the rare true hair serums for curly hair. It is exceptionally lightweight and its hydrating gel formula binds with curls, making them soft and frizz free. It makes hair soft and detangles every strand carefully. It reduces hair fall and makes hair glossy. It keeps curly hair manageable and soft for over a day. Apply on wet hair from lower length to tips.

15. Obliphica Professionals Seaberry Medium To Coarse Serum

It is still easy to manage tangled dry hair with the help of regular hair serums. But what about those adamant unruly hair that are extremely curly or stiff? The Obliphica Professionals Seaberry Medium to Coarse Serum is one such remedy that loosens and softens adamant hair by removing stiffness. It is heavily hydrating and moisturizing. It keeps such difficult hair frizz free. It easily repairs unkempt hair that are dry and too hard in texture due to split ends. You can use this serum to massage your scalp every night and can rinse it in the morning. You can also apply it from scalp to tips and massage it under shower and rinse it. You can also let it rest on your hair for a wet look after showering.

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16. Avon Advance Techniques Dry Ends Hair Serum

This is an ideal hair serum for all hair types. It can also be used to treat sensitive hair that react to almost everything. Brittle hair are prone to breakage. Hair breakage results in split ends and dry hair tips. It curbs hair from growing longer, and such hair look lifeless. This amazing hair serum moisturizers dry hair and soften dry ends with its unique cuticle seal technology. It repairs dry and dull hair by improving their texture. Apply it on semi moist hair tips. Leave it on until your next hair wash. You can use it everyday.

17. Curly Hair Solutions By Curl Keeper Original

This is a hydrating water based hair serum for unruly curly hair. This everyday hair serum removes frizz from all the locks by hydrating and moisturizing them. It detangles the locks without breaking them. Thus, it also reduces the probability of getting split ends. It doesn’t over dry the hair. The resulting hair are frizz free, soft, smooth and glossy. It works against frizz even in humid weather conditions.

18. Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Serum

This serum controls frizz in dry hair that are under nourished. It is rich in aloe vera, Argan seed oil and vitamin E. All these ingredients are natural conditioners. Aloe vera also works as an antibacterial agent and reduces the probability of any infection that can cause dandruff. This serum offers a smooth wet look to dry hair. The hair looks glossy and thicker. It also adds volume to thin hair by reducing hair fall.

Make your hair glossy and damage free by using any of our above listed 18 hair serums according to your hair type to get the desired results.

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