3 Quick And Easy Ways To Repair Your Broken Nails

A broken nail is not only uncomfortable but it hurts also. There are many ways to repair your broken nails and fix the damage. Here are three super easy ways to fix a broken nail. No professional manicure or tool is required. You can easily complete the entire process using few simple materials, probably available in your home.

Here Are The 3 Quick And Easy Ways To Repair Your Broken Nails:

Method 1: Using Nail Glue

This method is for repairing breaks and tears that are not very deep and on a finger that you don’t use often.

Things You Will Need:

• Nail polish remover
• Cotton balls
• Q-tips
• Nail Glue
• Tweezers
• Nail filer
• Buffing stick/bar

Using Nail Glue

Using cotton and nail polish remover, remove old nail polish without causing any problem to the tear. Now apply generous amount of nail glue to the tear. Apply glue to all the area surrounding the tear and little right underneath the broken nail so that glue can bond the two halves together. Allow it to dry for 10-15 seconds. Using cuticle stick, push the crack flat. Apply light pressure for 30-40 seconds so that the tear remains sealed and flat when you release pressure. Once the glue is completely dry, use buffing stick to smoothen the glue spot, paying attention to the edges. You have to do it very carefully or you will take the glue off and have to apply another layer. To clean up and remove glue from the skin, soak a q-tip is acetone and wipe the surface. Now paint your nails as usual. Now one will be able to tell that you have a broken nail.

Method 2: Fixing A Broken Nail With Tea Bag

Things You Will Need:

• Tea bag
• Nail glue
• Tweezers
• Scissors
• Nail filer
• Orange wood stick, buffer block
• Base coat

Fixing a Broken Nail with Tea Bag

To begin with, your nails should be clean, without any base coat or polish. Cut a teabag close to the length and width of your broken nail. Take an orange wood stick and add a drop of glue on it. Apply it over your broken nail. Now using tweezers, place the teabag piece over the broken nail and allow it to dry. Buff it out using a nail file or buffer. Smooth out the surface of the nail lightly. Once the nail is smooth, cover with base coat and apply nail color. You have a perfect nail once again.

Method 3: Using Nail Mending Kit

Before fixing the nail, wash your hands or feet with warm water and soap to make sure they are clean and free of oil. Dry your hands well, without causing further damage to the torn nail. Using a buffer or nail file, smoothen out your nail. This will help the glue to adhere properly. Under the broken part of the nail put a drop of glue and hold the nail to its place. Wait till it dries. Cut a strip of fibrous paper you have in your nail mending kit into same shape as of your nail. The material should be large enough to cover the breakage entirely. Don’t bother about the free edge, which you can trim later. Add a drop of glue to the base of your nail, stick the material and allow it to dry. With the material attached in place, cover the material with glue. As it dries pull on the material. File the excess material. Trim and buff any bumpy spot with a buffing stone. Apply base coat and color.

Nail Mending Kit