4 Steps To Get Perfect Eyebrows At Home

Eyebrows are the most important features of your face. A perfectly shaped pair of eyebrows can drastically change the entire look of your face. A well-groomed pair of eyebrow frames your face, bringing attention to your eyes. Realizing the best shape that suits your appearance, without sacrificing the natural shape is the best way to shape your brows. In fact the complete appearance of eye area depends on the way you define the length, thickness and arch of the eye brow. Neither overly bushy nor pencil thin eyebrows look good. In fact, with a well-defined perfect pair of eyebrows, you can go with minimal makeup as they make a strong statement.

Here Are Few Tips And Tricks For Getting Perfect Eyebrows At Home:

Step 1: Mark The Desired Shape

Your very first step will be to figure out what shape suits your face the best. Finding the right spot from where you need to start is crucial for creating perfect eyebrows. Figure out the place from where your brows should begin. To get the correct shape, align the beginning of the eyebrow with the center of your nostril and the arch should fall over the back third of the eye. Similarly determine where your inner brow should end. Take a pencil, hold it vertically and line up from the corner of the eye to the outer edge of the nose. With the help of an eyebrow pencil, mark the spot. Repeat the same on the other side.

The length of your eyebrow should be in coordination with the length of the eye but it should not be overstretched to the temple area. The peak of the arch should begin wherever the line intersects your eyebrow. Mark the spot and draw the shape. While shaping the eyebrow, take care that the front part of your eyebrow should not drop below the back part of your brow. Keep brow alteration to a minimal. Overstating the shape can spoil your look. Determine the thickness of your brows. Size of the eyes is a good determining factor for deciding the thickness of the brows. If your eyes are bigger, then thick brows will suit you. If your eyes are thinner, try to keep it slightly thinner. Basic idea is to balance them out. Drawing a line along the bottommost edge of your brow can also help to determine the thickness. Best way is to follow the natural curvature.

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Step 2: Tweeze Stray Hairs

Now tweeze the stray hairs that fall outside and below the line which you have marked. Only tweeze stray hairs, if you want to retain the natural arch of your brow. Avoid over-tweezing above your brow. Too much plucking can look unnatural. Before plucking, numb the area with ice if your skin is sensitive.

Step 3: Fill In The Gaps

Filling the gaps is necessary to shape your brows perfectly. This can be done with the help of an eyebrow pencil that has the shade close to the color of your brows. Fill the gaps with light stroke in the direction the hair grows. Gently comb your eyebrows with a brow brush so that no hair pokes up in the opposite direction. You can use brow gel to prevent them from getting messy throughout the day.

Step 4: Maintain Regularly To Keep In Shape

Consistently spotting and plucking the stray hairs between the brows and edges will help to maintain the natural shape of your brow. It will help you stick to a specific shape as well.

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