4 Ways To Use Onion To Treat Hair Loss

Not many people are aware of the amazing nutritional benefits that onions offer, especially for preventing hair loss. But a number of researches have proved that not only does onion help in reducing hair loss, it even stimulates new hair growth to a great extent. Its rich sulfur content and amazing antifungal and antibacterial properties can even help in combating numerous hair conditions including fungal infections, yeast and dandruff. It thickens the hair and even helps in preventing premature graying.

It is quite easy to prepare onion juice at home. You can either use a blender or food processor to blend the onions finely and then extract the juice or you can simply use a juicer for the same. Alternatively, you can also use a manual grater and grate the onion before straining out the juice.

Ways to Use Onion for Hair Loss

1. Topical Application Of Onion Juice

This is undoubtedly the easiest way to use onion juice for hair loss. Though it would be quite difficult to drink onion juice, so the best thing to do is apply it topically on your scalp. Just apply the extracted juice directly on your scalp and allow it to remain on the scalp for a minimum of 30 minutes. Finally, rinse off and shampoo. Repeat the procedure twice a week to see amazing results.

Topical Application of Onion Juice:

2. Honey And Onion Mixture

Honey and Onion mixture is another great way to use raw onion for reducing hair fall. Just take ¼ cup of onion juice and mix it with a tablespoon full of honey. This is the best way in which you can take onion juice orally and get its benefits.

Honey and Onion Mixture

3. Onion And Rum Concoction

People who are off-put by the dominating scent that comes from onions can greatly benefit from this preparation. To make this concoction, chop an onion and soak it overnight in rum. Next morning, strain the mixture and use it to rinse your hair. This will help in strengthening the hair and prevent hair fall.

Onion and Rum Concoction

4. Consumption Of Onion With Foods

Eating onions can be just as beneficial for the hair as applying it on the scalp. They are great taste enhancers and can make any dish taste rich and delicious. So add onions in all your recipes to extract the amazing benefits that it offers.

Consumption of Onion with Foods