5 Amazing Anti-Pigmentation Face Packs For A Perfect Skin Tone


Pigmentation of skin is one of the most common skin issues faced by many people across the world. When your skin is affected by pigmentation, you can notice discolored and dark patches on your skin. Various factors contribute to this problem. Exposure to sun, hormonal imbalances and age are few of the factors that lead to pigmentation. Many people depend on cosmetics for handling this problem. However, cosmetics land you in some skin troubles. So, best approach is to rely on natural ways to handle this problem.

Here Are The Effective Natural Face Packs That Help You To Handle This Problem In An Effective Way:

1. Green Gram Flour And Orange Peel Face Pack

Skin benefits of orange peels and gram flour are plenty. In fact, these are the best natural products that help to handle the issue in a safe mode. This pack helps to stimulate the circulation of blood and thereby acts as an agent in reducing the pigmentation. Citric acid in orange peels help in softening the skin.


Two tablespoons of Green Gram Flour
Half cup of dried orange peels powder
One Tablespoon Honey

Green Gram flour and Orange Peel Face Pack

Preparation And Usage:

In a mixing bowl, add the dried powder of orange peels. Pour some water. And add the green gram flour into the bowl. Also, add honey to the mixture. Blend well to form a fine paste. Apply this anti-pigmentation face mask on the face in a gentle way. Let the face pack dry on the skin for at least fifteen minutes. Wash off with warm water. Prefer to apply this pack for at least twice a week for clear skin.

2. Avocado Face Pack

Avocado is a wonder fruit that helps in attaining blemishes free skin. Vitamin E is rich in avocados. Also fatty acids are more in this fruit. All these properties of avocado act as anti-pigmentation agents and help in reducing the effects of skin pigmentation. Honey is another ingredient of this face pack which is a natural cleansing agent.


1 Avocado
One tablespoon Honey
Two tablespoons of Milk

Avocado Face Pack

Preparation and Usage:

Mash the pulp of avocado to form a fine and smooth paste. Transfer the pulp into a mixing bowl. Now, add milk into the bowl. Also, add some honey. Blend well and apply the mixture on your face evenly. Use this pack at least thrice a week for enjoying best results.

3. Oatmeal And Yogurt Face Pack

Yogurt is rich in lactic acid which is very helpful in reducing the spots of skin in an effective way. Similarly, oatmeal is rich in properties that are quite beneficial for blemishes free skin. These wonderful properties help to fight against pigmentation. Thereby this face pack is very effective in assuring you in giving an even skin tone.


One Tablespoon of Yogurt
One Teaspoon of Lime Juice
Two Tablespoons Oatmeal Flour

Oatmeal and Yogurt Face Pack

Preparation And Usage:

Mix oatmeal powder with plain yogurt. Combine well. And now add a teaspoon of lime juice. Blend fell to form a thick paste. Apply this anti-pigmentation paste on your face until you notice a fine layer. Let this preparation sit on your face for at least thirty minutes. Wash with cool water. Follow this process at least once in a month for best results.

4. Rose Water and Sandalwood Face Pack

Sandalwood is the most powerful ingredient that supports in enhancing the beauty of your skin. Its healing and soothing properties along with anti-septic properties help in assuring you a blemishes free and soft skin. Similarly, rose water is very beneficial as it protects your skin from skin pigmentation.


One Tablespoon Rose Water
Two Tablespoons Sandalwood Powder
One Teaspoon of Glycerin
One Tablespoon Lemon Juice

Rose Water and Sandalwood Face Pack

Preparation And Usage:

Add rose water with sandalwood powder. Also, mix glycerin to the mixture. Now, proceed with adding lemon juice. Apply the paste evenly on your face. Gently, wash your face using some warm water. Use this pack twice a week for reducing the effects of pigmentation.

5. Papaya Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack

Papaya is rich in skin nourishing properties. ‘Papain’ is an enzyme that is present in Papaya which is very effective in eliminating the dead skin cells and restoring your skin’s nature tone. By doing so, papaya helps in offering you a skin which is free from dark patches and blemishes.


1 Papaya
Four Tablespoons of Milk

Papaya Anti-Pigmentation Face Pack

Preparation And Usage:

Grate the pulp of papaya. Gently, blend it with milk to form a smooth paste. Gently, spread the mixture on your face evenly. Leave the paste for at least twenty minutes on your face. This time frame helps the skin to absorb the nutrients from this wonderful fruit. Apply this paste three times in a week for reducing the effects of pigmentation.