5 Amazing Benefits Of Hot Oil Manicure

All women want to have beautiful-looking, delicate hands and nails. Dry and rough skin makes our hands look unsightly but the solution to this problem is quite simple and natural – hot oil manicure. Though quite costly if performed in salons and spas, this amazing beauty treatment can be performed easily at home. The procedure begins with filing of the nails and cuticles followed by soaking the hands in a mixture of a mild cleanser and warm water for 15 minutes. After this the hands are gently exfoliated and nails painted with a base coat. Finally the hands are dipped in warm herbal oils such as tea tree oil, olive oil and rosemary oil. The treatment is quite beneficial for the hands and makes them soft, smooth and beautiful.

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of Hot Oil Manicure For Your Hands And Nails:

1. Strengthens Nails

Not only does the process of hot oil manicure cleans and exfoliates the nails, it also helps in making them stronger and resistant to chipping and breakage. After performing hot oil manicure, you will be left with shiny, lustrous and healthy nails.

Strengthens Nails

2. Smoothens Skin

Hot oil manicure helps in tightening up the pores of the skin and makes them extremely soft. On massaging, it boosts blood circulation in the hands and also restricts premature aging.

Smoothens Skin

3. Softens Cuticles

Filing the nails and cuticles and then moisturizing them using the hot oil is an extremely important step of this process. If the cuticles are not well-maintained, it can restrict the proper growth of the nails. The hot oil used in this treatment softens and nourishes the cuticles, which can then be cut and filed properly to ensure health of the nails.

Softens Cuticles

4. Helps Avoid Dark Patches

If you fail to exfoliate and maintain your hair regularly, the skin of your hands and fingers will become patchy and dark. Thus, you must scrub your hands before performing hot oil manicure. After dipping your hands in the oil, massage them slowly with your fingers. After this, take a piece of lemon and rub on the dark patches to deep clean them and then dipped in hot oil again. This will boost the benefits of this amazing treatment even further.

Helps Avoid Dark Patches

5. Averts Ageing Of Hands

Taking care of the skin of the hands is just as important as the rest of your body; otherwise they will start looking dry, rough and damaged. Soaking hands in hot oil followed by proper massage will remove all dead skin cells and nourish the skin and counter aging of the skin.

Averts Ageing of Hands