5 Amazing Hat Styles You Can Try This Summer

Summer is here and the sunrays are anywhere but near! You look for every stylish way to make the best statement of style in almost every department and now are the time for getting a safe style in terms of how well they protect you. Speaking of style and safety, hats are the ideal candidates in this department. Get an all round protection and style with the 5 amazing style of hats this summer.

Here Are The 5 Amazing Hat Styles You Can Try This Summer:

1. Bucket Hats

The bucket hats are scripting a story of stylish comeback this season. It was one of the most popular accessories among musicians back in the 90’s and now they seem to be garnering favor from the current generation too. Simpler and softer than other hats in appeal and quality, it is an anywhere/everywhere hat. A denim bucket hat is the most symbolic of all bucket hats. You want a cool in style and feel hat and you get exactly the same.

Bucket hats

2. Pork Pie Hat

Why they are named so is pretty questionable and pretty much a staple to some jokes. What can be said for sure is the fact that pork pie hat is very much the in-trend hat this season. Comfort is more than guaranteed in straw pork pie hat as the air passage through the covered head is pretty neat and you can also have few heads turned toward you. Pork pie hat also has a unisex appeal and have almost the same classic appeal as Panama hats. Luckily something good to leak as Panama!

Pork pie hat

3. Borsalino Sisal Straw Fedora Hat

There is a buzz in town particularly about the hat by Borasilano. The Italian makers have swept it clean with the wheat colored hat surface which can further be praised for the sophistication that fedora adds. It is rich in style and can become an eternal favorite for every wardrobe at the drop of a hat. Pun intended!

Borsalino Sisal Straw Fedora Hat

4. Topman Charcoal Puritan

The hat chooses the rather unusual and mostly considered inappropriate fabric or material; wool. Nonetheless you will not have to resign to the fact that it is not comfortable and stylish. The casualness is what gets this list’s attention apart from the obvious display of color. It is also the more lightweight headgear that you could probably ask for. Step out for a beach party or a long drive on Cadillac this summer, you stay shaded anyways.

Topman Charcoal Puritan

5. Ted Baker Dubanke Striped Trim Trilby

Ted Baker is already in the mood of summer vacation and so should you with their Dubanke Trim Trilby striped hat. The hat makes a real statement for almost all attire you pick and the best way to go about the business would be pairing the hat up with denims. A pair of aviator only adds spunk. Must say you that you will not have to spend a fortune for this one.

Ted Baker Dubanke Striped Trim Trilby

The above mentioned hats are really very stylish. You can choose one as per your requirement.