5 Amazing Outfit Suggestions To Hide Belly Fat

Many women who are above 40 years tend to gain belly weight. And they suffer from dilemma in following fashion trends. But, note that nothing can be blamed for looking fashionable. If you have a thought, you should give it a chance to get it implemented. Belly should not be your fashion hindrance. You can still look fashionable with right outfits. The trick lies in selecting right outfits that are highly capable of enhancing your looks rather than highlighting drawbacks. And it is a known fact that fashion is a state of mind rather than looks. As you follow these tips you look more confident and fashionable. Here we are sharing with you the clever tricks that help you to cover your belly and highlight your beauty.

Below Are The 5 Amazing Outfit Suggestions To Hide Belly Fat:

1. Asymmetrical Or Draped Outfits

This is another tip that helps you to hide your tummy and look fabulous in your outfits. Asymmetrical tops are currently trending and in fact all time fashion for the women over 40. This style helps in adding class and fashion to any look.

2. Dark Colored Outfits

This is one of the best suggestions to look beautiful by hiding belly. Dark colored outfits play an amzing role in hiding your belly fat. By wearing such dark colored garments, your belly fat doesn’t get highlighted. So, the first and foremost thing you need to consider while trying to hide your belly is by choosing the outfits that are of dark color.

3. Long Cardigans

Layering is one of the effective ways to mask your belly. For this purpose you can either choose a cardigan or at least a jacket. Longer cardigan helps in making you look slimmer. Straight designs or waterfalls can create a pleasant vertical line that helps in lengthening you while distracting others attention towards your belly.

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4. Pleated Trousers

Prefer pleated trousers as they give you most comfort. These kinds of trousers not only give you a classic look but also help to hide your belly. Generally, people with overweight always prefer to choose pleated trousers as these trousers are designed in such a way to give some additional room of comfort.

5. Capri Leggings

Capri leggings fit you comfortably and make you feel pleasant. You can combine these with asymmetrical tops and look fabulous and slimmer. You can combine leggings with short dresses as well as tunics.

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