5 Amazing Ways To Humidity Proof Your Hair

Humidity melts the makeup and makes the skin look oily and greasy. Humidity destroys the overall look. Thus, humidity has a strong negative impact on our skin. But we should also note that humidity can negatively impact the hair too. Most of the times women wanted to maintain the loose hairstyle. Loose hair style has become one of the amazing and simple hair styles. But the main challenge arises when the beauty of the hair gets destroyed with humidity. Humidity makes the hair frizzy. It makes the hair sticky as well. These difficulties can be well managed by following some amazing ways. Here, in this article, we have come up with some amazing ways to humid proof your hair.

Below Are The 5 Amazing Ways To Humidity Proof Your Hair:

1. Choose Gentle Shampoos

The first thing that you need to do for making your hair humid free is to choose a shampoo which is chemical free. Harmful chemicals in a shampoo can work adversely on your hair. They can make your hair look greasy and oily. You need to choose the shampoos which are clear and transparent. These shampoos are very effective in eliminating the impurities from your hair faster. Thus it makes your hair weightless and clean. You can also enjoy these benefits by using the baby shampoos as well.

Choose Gentle Shampoos

2. Rinse With ACV

We all know the number of benefits we can obtain from applying the conditioner to the hair. But the moisture content in the conditioner can make your hair look greasy and oily. This problem can be well handled by applying the ACV to the hair. Take 1 part of ACV and add it to 3 parts of normal water. Give a final rinse to your hair with this mixture during your shampoo. Diluted apple cider vinegar acts as a natural conditioner.

Rinse With ACV

3. Blow Dry Your Hair

After shampooing, you need to blow dry the hair. Do not leave your hair to dry naturally. Because leaving the hair moist and wet for a longer period can make your hair frizzy. Also, note that you need to make use of a serum to the wet hair before blow drying it.

Blow Dry Your Hair

4. Straighten Your Hair

Straightening the hair is another way to make your hair humid proof. If your hair is sticking to your face because of humidity, then you can even it out by straightening the hair. You are not required to straighten the complete length of your hair, just manage the uncontrollable bits.

Straighten Your Hair

5. Use Hairspray

Hairspray also plays an important role in making your hair humid proof. Opt for anti-frizz spray for your hair. This spray is very effective in protecting your hair from humidity. It works wonder in preventing the moisture out and in of your hair.

Use Hairspray