5 Amazing Ways To Style Fur Stoles

The immaculate winter look for winters can be easily achieved wearing leather, suede jackets, and ankle-length boots. So what’s all the fuss about rolling a stole on the neck like a serpent? Simple; it craves attention as it has ostensibility written all over it. That said, fur stole are indispensable for many fashionistas not because of their “what’s that?” factor but because they are now coming in a variety of design and color accents without compromising on the silky smooth finish and feel. Whether you call it garish or debonair, fur stole worn in these five ways and make will definitely roll few eyeballs. Take a look. Correction! Let others look.

Here Are The 5 Amazing Ways To Style Fur Stoles:

1. Classic Drape

Works best with a collared jacket, in classic drape the fur stole fits closely to the collar and it is let loose on both ends. In classic drape, fur stole can be wrapped around both shoulders to add balance. Slinging the fur coat on single shoulder may not be everyone’s cup of tea but nevertheless worth giving a try. But you should be wary of the fact that fur is too delicate for scratches. Classic drape is preferred by almost everyone because it goes well with nearly every collar i.e. big or small.

Classic drape

2. Bridal Drape

Called so because a bride usually wears a small fur stole so it does not get fussy to carry fur stole and elaborate dress at the same time. The drape is done on the forearm region, just above the elbow joints so the hand movement is no restrained. The average width of fur stole is 45 inches for bridal drape and the length being 15 inches.

Bridal drape

3. Pinned Down

Fur stole pinned with a brooch is a very convenient and hip way to wear this extravagant accessory for winters. The most crucial step is to wrap the stole in unequal proportions i.e. wrap the fur stole behind your neck in such a way that one side is relatively long than the other. Now, attach a brooch over the chest to secure the look. Just remember that the brooch will be the standing point in this look, hence make sure you fix the best one. You can use a selection of brooches whether it is vintage or the contemporary ones which are funkier and quirky.

Pinned down

4. Fur Stole With Belt

The staple accessory for waist worn by both men and women alike; belts are here to stay even for fur stoles. Final look of fur stole worn with belt will look the same as wearing a sash. To achieve the look, place the middle of your stole in either of the shoulder, once again one end will short in length than the other one. But this time, the font stays smaller than the back. Fasten a thin belt on the waist line over the fur stole. Always prefer thin belt to broad ones. You don’t want the belt to hog the stole from your clean cut waistline. Do you?

Fur Stole with belt

5. Plain Jane Look

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication so far as the best and stylish ways of wearing fresh stoles is concerned. Fur stoles are an object of fancy in itself. The fact that it is swirled on the shoulder and neck makes it even more interesting. Be wise and choose a dress of traditional silhouette and color. Layman’s example; black dress, gown, less slit dress and so on.

Plain Jane look