5 Beauty Enhancing Habits To Follow Before You Sleep

There is no doubt that it is the time to catch up on your beauty sleep after bedtime. What if you could spend some time for yourself before going to bed and develop a beauty enhancing routine? Yes, it is bound to pay rich dividend in the long term. Night time is the time when the skin chooses to make it repairs and correct some flaws and mistakes, if not revert some of those. So take this time to help your skin make much progress. Here are some of the things to add to your beauty enhancing routine before you go to bed. Of course, do not forget to brush your teeth before you get some 8 hours of beauty sleep.

1. Remove All Your Makeup

Make up is great for making you look beautiful during the day. But that’s how far it goes. They are loaded with all sorts of chemicals that could damage your skin if not cleansed properly. Besides, night time is the perfect time for your pores to open and you would not want those chemicals clogging up your pores. So remove every inch of your makeup before retiring for the night. Use a good quality cleanser, suitable for your skin type and gently remove all of it.

2. Cleansing, Toning And Moisturizing

It is best to follow this routine even at night so that you wake up to clean and baby soft skin during the day. After you cleanse or scrub your face, use a toner and then apply a moisturising cream. Take care to choose the right products to match your skin type. The routine helps not only in moisturisation but also to delay the appearance of spots, wrinkles or any signs of ageing for that matter. You could choose a heavy moisturising cream or an anti ageing cream if you are at the age for it. You could also use some under eye cream to help control those dark circles, fine wrinkles etc.

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3. Moisturise Your Hands And Feet

Hands and feet need as much care as your face. Massage a heavy moisturising cream onto your hands. You could show some love to your cuticles by using a cuticle cream. If not available, use some Vaseline. Similarly, use some heavy moisturising cream for your feet as well, for your cracked heels too. If there is time for some massage, that is the best way to spread those creams.

4. Tie your hair

Brush your hair and pin it up before you sleep. You might prefer leaving your hair open, but tying it up is best to prevent hair damage. It could help control the damage from friction. Plus it would help control the grease and dandruff from your hair getting onto your face. It is preferred to use silk pillow covers as it’s good for the health of your hair. If using cotton pillow covers, change them frequently.

5. Acne And Blemish Relief

Night time is again the best time for getting those beauty corrections. You could apply some leave on exfoliators to help correct those sun induced damages to your face. You could use some spot application to help correct those acne, maybe some tea tree oil. You could also use some blemish serums at night. Night time is the best time for these beauty corrections to do their magic, as the creams gets an extended time to work on the skin.

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