5 Best Exercises For The Slim Waist Line

Slim waist; this physical attribute is a proud jewel in the crown of women’s fitness and it will not be an aspersion to say that many chubby or pear-shaped bod women are pretty envious of somebody having an hourglass figure. Well, such is the desirability of slim waist that women leave no stone unturned to achieve amazingly toned waist like Cameron Diaz or any swimsuit model and how; But here are some facts that were largely under the cover. To begin with ladies, your efforts in diet control are appreciated but not performing the right waist slimming exercise will make your muscles saggy. Next, doing/overdoing crunches will get you worst of lower back pain. You should therefore try these 5 best exercises for slim waist that requires almost half the energy and time than others. And yes you do need to do them religiously for having waist line on the lines of Anaida!

Here Are The 5 Best Exercises For The Slim Waist Line:

1. Jump Rope Skipping

You used to do them at school and could boast of a well toned waistline and abs of steel. Jump rope skipping is an extremely easy and high intensity work out for women. It helps in tightening the core and the fact that it is faster than other work outs gets you to burn a lot of calories and flab on the waist and oblique region. Want to try the more challenging variant? Try skipping fast as you can for 40 seconds with five repetitions with just 15 second break in between them.

Jump rope skipping

2. Burpees

Won’t be wrong to say burpee is a trident of exercise comprised of planks, hop n tug for legs and simple jumps. The moment you perform full burpee, you activate the core straightaway. The plank helps in gradual toning of waistline, tucking of legs ensure excess flab is burned due to muscle compression and jump ups charges the body for repetitions. This exercise is an integral part of every athlete’s regimen. Want to up the ante? Try 10 reps side running burpees.


3. Bicycle Crunches

Crunches keeps the legs still and puts lot of body weight on spine that sets off back pain. Bicycle crunches bring legs to the play too and hence not only do you work on your abs toning, the glutes are also activated. The thumb rule for bicycle crunches; lift the left leg keeping the torso grounded, bring it close to the upward face so they almost contact each other and repeat the same with your right leg in opposite direction. Bicycle crunches stoke the entire abs wall courtesy upper/lower body movement in tandem.

Bicycle crunches

4. Vertical Lift

The exercise requires certain amount of flexibility but if done regularly, you improve agility and your TVA muscles. On one full swing of the legs in vertical position, you need to form an “L” shape wherein your legs are vertically above your hips. Make sure there is no bending of legs. Eves suffering from leg cramps should soften the hamstrings before considering vertical lifts.

Vertical lift

5. Side Planks And Planks

Side planks work directly on the oblique to give definition to slim waist. Planks get you the slim waist of dreams. While in plank position, squeeze your glute muscles along with abs’ wall to make the workout more vigorous. The compression and release of the muscles burn excessive flab and conditions the abs muscles to make it steely strong.

Side planks and planks

The above mentioned exercises are really very effective if you follow them religiously.