5 Best Exercises For Women’s Arms Without Equipment


If you want to bring your arms into an attractive shape without going to gym, there are several exercises that you can do at home. You just have to spend ten to fifteen minutes daily and you can do many exercises during that period, all focused on strengthening and shaping your arms. Following are five such arm exercises for women that do not need any equipment and are very easy to practice.

Below Are The 5 Best Exercises For Women’s Arms Without Equipment:

1. X Jumps

X jumps are one of the best exercises to tone your arms. It is basically a cardio move that mainly focuses on your arm and keeps your whole arm engaged, but at the same time, it works on your legs and abs as well. You can do this exercise by keeping your arms by your sides while standing with your feet stretched out as wide as your shoulder width is. Now, jump up while spreading your arms up above your head in a way that your spread out legs and your spread out arms should create an “X” like shape. Then land on earth, coming back in your original position. Just make sure that when you land back on earth, you bend your knees a little. It will make the landing softer and safer.

X Jumps

2. Weight Free Rows

Doing a weight free row is also very easy and needs no equipment at all. You just need your clenched fists. When you clench your fists tightly, it puts pressure on the muscle mass of your arms. To do this exercise, stand up with your hands on your sides. Now, hinging a little at the hip, bend your knees slightly. Clench both the fists and keep your hands straight. Now, bend your hands at the elbows and pull your arms back. Make sure you keep the elbow joints bent while pulling your arms back. Keep doing this for a full 60 seconds. It will make you feel like as if you were rowing. That’s why this exercise is called weight free rows.

Weight Free Rows

3. Half Circle Arm Rotations

What people normally do in gyms are full circle arm rotations, which is a good exercise to increase upper body strength. But, if you want to focus specifically on your arms, you must do half circle rotations. Doing the exercise this way, you get a chance to work deep into the muscular tissues of your arm. To do this exercise, you have to spread your hands in one line and hold them parallel to the floor while you stand with your feet at your hip-width distance. Make sure both your palms are facing ahead. Now pull your arm onward in half circle in a way that both your cupped palms should be facing backward (behind you) the moment you complete the half circle. Now, do it in reverse position and bring your cupped palms and arm in the original position. Keep repeating this activity for a full one minute. An important point to note here is that you have to keep your elbow joints locked while you do this exercise. This way, the muscular tissues will be fully engaged throughout this workout.

Half Circle Arm Rotations

4. Floor Dips

Floor dips can be a very interesting exercise, as you have to set yourself in a position on the floor where you have to hold your body by keeping both your feet and both your palms flat on the floor while keeping your face upward and the mid part of the body, including your hips in the center, would be in air, parallel to the floor. Now, lower your hips by bending your legs at the knees and bending your hands at the elbows. Make sure you do not touch the floor with your hips. Just when the hips are about to touch the floor, you have to pull it back by unbending your legs and hands at the knees and elbows respectively. Repeat this activity for one minute continuously. This way, floor dips require flexing of your arms and keep the muscle mass of your arms active throughout the exercise.

Floor Dips

5. Wall Surface Push-Ups

As the term suggests, this arm exercise is just like the push up you do on floor. The only difference is that you do not do it on floor, but wall. As compared to the floor push-ups, the wall push-ups are also less complicated and it gives you a chance to set the difficulty level as per your comfort. To do this exercise, you have to stand facing the wall at a distance from the wall surface, from where you can stretch your hands straight to its full length without any bent at the elbow and put both your palms flat on the wall while standing straight, keeping your body parallel to the wall. Now, do the push up the way you do floor push-ups. Lower your upper body toward the wall by bending your hands at the elbow joints. Inhale deep as you lower your upper body toward the wall and exhale as you come back to your original position. If it seems difficult for you to do, position yourself more closely to the wall.

Wall Surface Push-Ups

As you can see, all these exercises are simple, and at the same time, very effective for your arms without requiring you to spend a lot of time.