5 Best Face Exercises For Removing Puffy Eyes

Many of us may wake up with puffy eyes which ruin most of your morning look. Even though we may feel fresh, we have tired a look on your face. This maybe caused due to straining your eyes because we stare at your mobile, or computer or the TV for too long. So if you want to get rid of that puffy look which takes away the glamour of a fresh face, do the following exercises as soon as you get up from sleep.

Here Are The 5 Best Face Exercises For Removing Puffy Eyes:

1. Blink And Rotation

Keep your eyes wide open and blink several times. After you have blinked, keep your eyes open and move your eyeballs from the left to the right, and from the right to the left again. After moving your eyeballs sideways move your eyeballs in an up and down movement twice, and in the end move your eyeballs diagonally on all four sides. The three types of movement complete one full set. Repeat the set five times.

2. The Clock Exercise

Keep your head straight and stand in front of a clock or imagine that the dial of a clock is in front of you. Strat the exercise by looking at the number twelve or at the number twelve position in the dial if you are not standing in front of a clock. Move your slowly from the number twelve to one and then to two. Continue to move your eyeballs till your reach number twelve again. You are basically moving your eyeballs in a circle in a clockwise direction. After you complete the circle, close your eyes and rest for ten seconds. Blink once and start the same movement anti-clockwise.

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3. Shifting Focus

Bring your palms in front and keep them at a considerable distance from your eyes, with your fingers pointing upwards. The palm should face you. Take a deep breath and move your palms away so that you can focus on a distant object. Once you have focused on an object, exhale and bring the palms back together in front of you. When you bring your palms back in front of you, shift your focus to your palms. Repeat the process another five times.

4. Shift In Focus By Alternating Hands

Keep your head straight and remove any hair from the front of your eyes, you could use a hair band just to prevent the hair from falling in front of your eyes during the exercise. Look straight ahead of you and bring the palm of your right hand before your eyes so that the fingers point upwards. Fix your attention on the thumb for a moment and slowly move the hand out of focus and look at a distant object. Once you have fixed your attention on a distant object, bring the palm of your left hand in front of you and shift your focus to your left thumb. Slowly move the left hand out of focus and bring your attention to the same distant object. Repeat the process for another ten counts.

5. Palming Your Eyes

End the set of eye exercises by palming your eyes. Rub both the palms of your hands vigorously with each other to generate heat in the palms. After you feel your palms getting warm, close your eyes and gently press the palms on your eyes. Keep the palms your eyes till you feel the transferring from your palms to your eyelids. Keep your breathing steady while your palms are on your eyes. When you feel that the temperature on both your eyelids and your palms are same, gently remove the palms and open your eyes slowly.

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