5 Best Hairstyle For A Women With Long Face

Getting the perfect hair-cut can be extremely important for external beauty. No matter how gorgeous or fitting your outfit might be, it can all go wrong if your hair does not suit you. Here are some ideas for the ones with long faces who struggle to get the right hair-cut.

Here Are The 5 Best Hairstyle For A Women With Long Face:

1. Casual Blowout

Get a hair-cut suited for both office and outside the office looks. Cut your hair up to your shoulder. You could get two layers to add some style. Apply styling cream to dampen the hair and blow dry while flipping the hair outwards. If need use a flat iron to accentuate the flip. Use a dry shampoo to finish the look. You could use the dry shampoo by SEVEN. The aerosol spray controls the natural oils and can be used as a styler.


2. Waves

If you have no layers in your hair, you could style them with waves to suit your face. For this style to suit your hair best cut your hair to just below your shoulder. To dampen the hair, apply styling foam and blow dry away from the face with the help of a medium round brush. Use a curling wand to curl the ends. Use your fingers to brush through the hair to reshape the curls into waves. Put some shine spray at the end.


3. Big Curls

If you have a lot of volume and texture to your hair, make a centre part for this style. With a heat protectant, spritz dry hair and comb through. Divide the hair into sections of the width of your curling iron. Spray some styling spray on each section and comb through. Use Glotion Potion by Keratin Complex to give it a soft and shiny look. Take a medium curling iron. Wrap the sections of hair around the curling iron and pin it to the head for the curls to cool. Spray your hair with some styling spray and unpin the curls after they are cool. Comb through your hair with fingers to reshape the curls.


4. Frontal Bangs

If you have straight hair, this is one of the best styles for your long face. But it will require regular trimming of the bangs to keep them in shape. For better results cut your hair short. Dampen your hair and apply some styling serum. After that put some heat protectant. With the help of a paddle brush, blow dry the hair forward. Use a flat iron to smoothen the hair to the tip. Be careful while straightening the bangs. To finish the look, add a shine serum or spray. This hair makes the best statement with coloured hair. You could consult your stylist regarding what colour will suit you best.


5. Sweep It To The Side

Cut your hair till just below the shoulder, in layers. Make sure the volume is fuller toward the crown than the sides. Dampen the hair and add a styling serum. Use a medium sized round brush to blow dry the hair. Round brushing your own hair can be a tiring job. To make it easier, use Velcro rollers which will also add volume and bounce to your hair. You could use Onesta’s Smooth and Shine while blow drying. Set the hair with a small amount of flexible hairspray to give it that side swept look.


The above mentioned hairstyles are surely going to enhance your style and beauty.