5 Best Hairstyle To Slim Down Round Face For Women

Do you have a round face? Or does your face swell up most of time? Various hair styles and techniques have come up nowadays that will help you hiding your round and chubby face. If you still have not figured out some of the hair-cuts to make round faces look thinner. Here are some of the ideas which you can try.

Here Are The 5 Best Hairstyle To Slim Down Round Face For Women:

1. Get Creative With Layers

If you have straight or wavy hair, cut it up to your shoulder and ask your stylist to add a lot of layers to give it an amazing texture. If you want to do it at home, dampen your hair and put some smoothening serum. Divide your hair in horizontal layers and cut away. It is better to have a helping hand when it comes to layers to lower the risks of getting a bad hair-cut. Preferable to not this on curly hair because the layers will just make it look too bushy around your face. You could use a flat iron on your hair for long lasting effect.


2. The Bob Cut

For those ladies with straight hair again. Get a chin length bob cut to draw attention to your face and make your bone-structure stand out. While getting a bob cut, get the entire volume of hair cut at the same length. To add some texture, you could have a really small section in the front cut slightly shorter than the rest of your hair. The curve of the bob always stands out and gives that classy office look. Always do a side parting if you are getting a bob cut. You should change the side sometimes to prevent thinning of hair.


3. Ponytails

You do not always have to put your hair down to make your face look thinner. If you do not like to keep your hair down because of the heat, you could make a sleek ponytail. Use a flat iron on the whole hair after dampening the hair and using heat protectant on it. After your hair has cooled down, brush it all backwards and make a considerably high ponytail. Do not use any clips. You could set the fly away hair strands with some hair spray.


4. Long Wavy Tresses

Do you like to keep your hair long? Well in that case all you need to do is keep the marvellous length of hair you already have. The long hair will also take away the attention from your round face and even make it look slightly longer. Get your stylist to cut your hair in a number of layers to give it a great texture. If you happen to have a lot of volume, make sure the hair cut does not add to the volume of hair. Keep your hair open with most of it in the front.


5. Loose Curls

Want to keep shoulder length hair with some texture and volume? Well you could simply dampen your hair, add some smoothening serum and get started with a curling wand. After you have curled your hair, comb through with your fingers to open up the curls so that form loose waves. If you want to dye or hair after the cut, you could choose some dark colours for your hair which will not make your face look as round as it is.


The above mentioned hairstyles are surely going to help you. So, try them out!