5 Best Victoria Secret Lip Glosses Available In The Market

We wants good and attractive lips, for this there are many lips glosses, they give shine to the lips and also give moisture to the lips, there are many color and the brands available in the market. Victoria secret is the most trusted cosmetic brand, that manufactures the range of the cosmetic products, it also manufactures the lips gloss, here is the list of some of the lip glosses by the Victoria secret.

1. Victoria Secret Booty Parlor Kissaholic Lip Gloss

Victoria secret booty parlor kissaholic lip gloss is non sticky lip gloss, it is enriched with vitamin E and shea butter, that helps in moisturizing your lips very well and also add nice shine with gorgeous color to your lips. This kissaholic lip gloss has goodness of ginger root extract and chili fruit extract, that make your lip healthy and boost circulation to enhance volume of your lips. This lip gloss does not contain any harsh chemicals in it, such as lanolin and paraben. This lip gloss comes in transparent cylinder shape tube along with nice handy applicator and the consistency of this lip gloss is soft, liquid and shiny.

2. Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Glossy Tint Lip Sheen

Victoria secret beauty rush glossy tint lip sheen is a moisturizing lip balm, that gives glossy look to your lips along with metallic finish. This lip color comes in thick crayon form with angled tip, that covered with cap and it has a very smooth texture and highly pigmented, so its easily glides on your lip and gives visible shine, glossy and gorgeous color to your lips in single swipe. The staying power of this lip gloss in up to 3 hours.

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3. Victoria Secret Makeup Shine Drama Lip Gloss

Victoria secret makeup shine drama lip gloss is luxurious shine gloss, that comes in a nice sleek glass container tube with applicator attached to its nice black cap, that gives nice smooth application and very travel friendly. This drama lip is very pigmented, that contains argon oil and moisture rich aloe that helps in maintain moisture balance, it provides high shine gloss, ultra soft and give a wet look to your lips. The consistency of this gloss is soft, moist that are so stick and the long lasting power of this gloss is up to 4 hours.

4. Victoria Secret Makeup Brilliant Lip Shine Gloss

Victoria secret makeup brilliant lip shine gloss is shimmery lip gloss, that comes with nonstick and lightweight unique formula, as this lip gloss moisturizes your lips along with adding shimmer color and keeps your lips hydrated. The lip gloss is so stylish, as it comes in metallic pink color pen like packaging with applicator brush attached to it and the texture of this lip gloss is super glittery, soft and liquid that provide shiny, wet and plump look to lips and it stay on your lip for 3 too 4 hours.

5. Victoria Secret Makeup Color Lust Lip Lacquer

Victoria secret makeup color lust lip lacquer is highly pigmented lip gloss with a tinge of shimmer present in it, that gives you mirror like shining lips along with adding nice color to your lips. This color lust lip gloss comes in transparent pen like tube with soft brush applicator that is very easy to use and has a very smooth creamy consistency. This lip gloss is not so sticky and comes in different color and flavor.

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