5 Best Ways To Make Hair Color Last Longer

Whether you want to cover the grays or create a sensational hairstyle, you always want your hair color to last longer than just a couple of days. Unfortunately, the artificial color starts fading after a few days as your hair lengthens and the uncolored hair close to the scalp becomes visible. However, you can easily reduce the number of trips to the salon by making your hair color last for a longer time. Although it is normal for the hair color to fade over time, but we tend to speed up the process by using the wrong product and exposing our tresses to heat. The right hair care, both before and after coloring the hair, can help in retaining your hair color for a longer time. Here are some easy trips and tricks that can save you the trouble of coloring your hair frequently.

Below Are The 5 Best Ways To Make Hair Color Last Longer:

1. Hot Oil Treatment Before Coloring Hair

A properly moisturized hair can easily lock in the color in the locks. To make your hair color last longer, moisturize your tresses with hot oil at least three days before coloring your hair. If desired you can leave the oil on your hair overnight and wash off the oil with shampoo the next morning.

Hot Oil Treatment before Coloring Hair

2. Avoid Washing Your Hair Before Coloring It

Washing your hair strips the locks of the natural oil and your hair strands become slippery and cannot hold the color. It is best not to shampoo your hair for 24 to 36 hours before coloring your hair. Moreover, the natural oil on your scalp prevents the harsh chemicals present in the hair color from burning and irritating your scalp.

Avoid Washing Your Hair before Coloring It

3. Protect Your Hair From Sun

To make your hair color last longer, wear a hat or cover your hair with a scarf while you are outdoors. The harsh rays of the sun will not only fade your hair color but will also make your hair dry. Alternatively, you can use hair sunscreen products that are known to help in protecting the hair from the sun.

Protect Your Hair from Sun

4. Wash Hair With Cool Water

Hot water breaks the cuticle and fades the hair color. While washing your hair always use cool or lukewarm water. Therefore, when taking a hot shower, remember to protect your hair from the heat.

Wash Hair with Cool Water

5. Avoid Heating Tools

If you want your hair color to last longer, avoid the temptation of using heating tools for curling, straightening or blow drying your hair. The heat rapidly fades the hair color. However, if you want to use a heating tool for styling your hair, wait at least for a week after coloring your hair.

Avoid Heating Tools