I did these body weight cardio exercises to improve my agility and fitness and it worked really well!

Women are always so concerned about their age, weight and fitness. There are number of cardio exercises for burning fat and getting high strength. It will burn your calories and makes your heart beats faster for high metabolism.

Add this amazing cardio exercises to your daily workout schedules, especially if you are a weightlifter or athletes. It will help you in improving your performance and agility.

With multiple health benefits it also works affectively on all important muscles and gives you strength, flexibility and agility.

Try it and I’m sure you are going to love the results. If you want to boost strength, flexibility and energy in your body, these are the super quick workouts which you can try!

These are the interesting and super cool workouts which you would enjoy the most!

Body Weight Cardio Exercises For Women 

Sit Ups

This is such an interesting and high impact workout which can improve strength flexibility and flexibility in women! If you are looking for a high impact workouts which can fill you with instant energy and make you feel super flexible, here is the workout which you can try.

Body Weight Cardio Exercises

The sit ups engage all the body parts making your body tighter and mobile! All your muscles get engaged and toned while you perform the amazing sit ups. Every day, perform 15-20 sit-ups to boost muscle strength and flexibility!

Jumping Jacks

A high intensity workout like this would never go wrong! The jumping jacks are awesome and would make your legs, and lower body super strong. Just like jumping ropes, the fast and quick movements of jumping jacks can transform your body.

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This is a quick and fastening cardio workout which you can include in your workout routine which you can include in your routine. Strengthen your body and feel lighter with this quick workout!

Enjoy your workouts with this amazing option and feel your body get toned with every move!

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers would simply need all your strength and aggression for perfect results. The mountain climbers are quick, high energy and strengthening workouts which can make your body more stringer!

Each and every pose of this workout would boost energy in your body. Try this awesome workout in your cardio routine and feel the stretch, flexibility and endurance.

This amazing workout would keep you strong, energetic and immensely light! Include this workout in your flexibility and speed training program and tone your body magically!

Step Ups

Step ups are amazing and from your lower body to the upper body, this workout can help in toning all the parts of your body! Step ups are also performed by women who need to sculpt and strengthen the body.

Specially, the athlete and sports women perform a lot of step ups to build strength! Perform this super cool workout and include it in your cardio routine to enhance your workout results as never before!


Skipping is an awesome workout which can make your body free, strong and flexible. Skipping is an awesome workout which you can try to enhance your strength and to build up tight and flexible body.

While skipping, all your body parts get worked out and toned. Include skipping in your workout routine if you want a rapid and strengthening cardio which can fill you with immense strength.

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Perform 40-50 rope skips to feel energetic and awesome thorough the day!


Swimming is another great all-around cardio exercise that can be done anywhere – indoors or outdoors. It’s easy on your joints and can be modified to help anyone of any fitness level participate.


list of cardio exercises for weight loss
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If you’re looking for an intense cardio workout, consider rowing. This high-intensity exercise requires a bit more equipment (a rowing machine) but provides an intense workout that will leave you sweating and gasping for breath.


If cycling isn’t your thing, try jogging on a treadmill instead. A treadmill allows you to control the speed and intensity of the workout and makes it easier to adjust to different levels of intensity as your fitness level increases over time.


A great beginner cardio exercise is simply walking. Unlike running or biking, walking is easy on your joints and can be done at a slow or moderate pace. Simply start by walking at a comfortable pace for a few minutes and gradually increase the time as you get more comfortable and stronger.


 Easy Body Weight Cardio Exercises at home
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If you’re looking for a more challenging cardio exercise, try jogging. Jog for about 30 minutes at a moderate pace and see how much better your stamina will be after doing this type of exercise regularly.

Will I get abs just doing bodyweight exercises?

I don’t think there is a one-method-fits-all exercise plan as everyone’s body is different and will respond differently to different types of exercise. That being said, some common exercises that can help you achieve abdominal muscles include crunches, planks, sit-ups, and Russian twists. However, it’s important to note that you won’t see any real changes until you start incorporating resistance training into your routine. Resistance training can help you build muscle and strength in your abdominal region, which will then help to make your abdominal muscles look more pronounced.

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