5 Box Braid Styles To Wear This Summer

Summers are on and we are all in a mood of long day outdoors and adventurous vacations. While you’ll be soaking up the sun, your hair must be an important thing in your mind. Box braids hairstyle is one thing that can take care of your hair and keep you moving this season. With box braids, you’ll get a chance to sport a new and versatile hairstyle. This simple to do and low maintenance hairstyle can make you look exquisite. This hairstyle is for girls who are tired of trying new hairstyles every day. Yes, they take a longer time to finish, but once finished, they look amazing and can stay for months. Box braids are well known protective hairstyles that can enhance your hair growth as well.
There are hundreds of ways to style your box braids.

We Have Collected 5 Box Braids Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Turning Heads:

1. Braided Braids

Once done with box braids, you would like to style them differently to look different every day. Braiding your box braids is a great way to give your box braids a new look. Love your box braids but hate framing your face? Then this is an ideal way to deal with your problem. Plait your box braids into one low or high giant braid to show the world that you have that incredible bone structure. You need to make an asymmetrical braid from box braids to get this look.

Braided braids

2. High Ponytail

A high ponytail is everyone’s favorite and on-the-go hairstyle that’s perfect for your summer look. It doesn’t matter if you have long or short box braids, you’ll rock with your high ponytail. If done right, your high ponytail will make you look incredibly chic. You can also accessorize your box braid high ponytail to get a perfect finishing touch. Wrapping a scarf over your ponytail will give it a different look.

High Ponytail

3. Twisted High Bun

An interesting and easiest way to style your hair is – bun hairstyle. Even after getting box braids done, you can still make your favorite twisted high bun. Secure your box braids into a twisted bun over your head to get a stunning look. Pull all your box braids over your head and make a bun by twisting them tightly or loosely. All buns look amazing whether loose or tight, simple or bulky. It is advisable to wear smaller earrings with a high twisted box braids bun.

Twisted high bun

4. Braided Half Updo

Don’t worry this hairstyle is not that hard to be made as it looks in the image. Every girl looks for an easy and stunning hairstyle that won’t take much time to get its finished look. This hairstyle is one among those easy and stunning hairstyles. You can wear this hairstyle for official or casual events. Whether going to attend a summer wedding or other special occasion, this is an ideal pick.

Braided half updo

5. High Bun With Scarf

Buns are so versatile and every girls’ favorite. Buns may sometimes look boring, so to style your box braids bun, you can style it with head wraps and scarves. You just have to pull all your box braids into a high bun and then secure the bun with a colorful scarf. When your box braids start to look messy, you can try this hairstyle. It’s a great hairstyle to jazz up this summer.

High bun with scarf