5 Cool Style Ideas For Your Leggings And Jeggings

These days leggings, leggings or even stockings have become a rage and are very popular with all age groups. The leggings are a finer and sleeker option for the summer months and are paired with cute tops and t-shirts that make you look gorgeous. You can think of simple printed leggings, plain ones or even Jeggings that are slightly thicker. But always wear them with longer tops because they are not as thick as pants.

Below Are The 5 Cool Style Ideas For Your Leggings And Jeggings:

1. Leggings/ Jeggings With Long Tees

If you had trouble pairing your long tees with bootcut jeans then leggings and leggings are a saviour. You can wear these with cotton leggings that are about ankle length or even capri length. To add more style, wear anklets on the legs that show off your feet and shapely legs. Keep the tees tad loose or else they will cling to the butt.

2. Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are a cool way to add more panache to the average leggings. It works because it covers up your legs if you are feeling cold and yet gives you enough room to move around without tight jeans. You can accentuate these shirts with a tight belt to accentuate the waist.

3. Shrugs And Trenches

During the cooler winter months you can wear woollen leggings that are paired with wooden shrugs, sweaters and even trenches. You can sport these with chic hats and wooden mitts. Another advantage here is that these leggings can be be worn with longer boots that ride up to the knees without worrying about your jeans getting in the way.

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4. With Skirts

If you have a skirt that is too short to be sported on its own, wear them with leggings. This is a style that many celebrities have already donned. You just have to pick a matching or contrasting pair to create that perfect look.

5. Asymmetrical Tops

The bets way to style these would be using asymmetrical designs or tops that accentuate your upper body and yet create a slimmer fit on the lower body. Flowy asymmetrical tops help in creating that balance so that you look chic and yet are able to hide your first features.

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