5 DIY Aspirin Face Mask For Acne-Free Clear Skin

Acnes are embarrassing and make the skin look unhealthy, spotty and unclear. There are many reasons for Acne which includes unhealthy diet and lifestyle, excess oil or oily skin, Seasonal changes etc. To fight Acne women frequently find cosmetic products which often fail to give effective results. Here are some Aspirin remedies you can try at your home for getting rid of the acne and getting radiant and glowing skin.

Below Are The 5 DIY Aspirin Face Mask For Acne-Free Clear Skin:

1. Curd Honey And Aspiring Face Mask

Aspiring had herbal properties to heal acne. Usage of aspirin with different ingredients gives relaxation from those discomforting acnes. Curd and honey are the smoothening agents which will help to cure acne and provide smoother skin. Prepare a mixture by grinding the aspirin tablets, mix curd and little honey and prepare a thick paste. Apply this mask on your face all over the acne affected areas. You can keep this mask for half an hour and then rinse it off. The collective properties of honey curd and aspirin will provide you smooth and acne free skin soon with fewer usages.

2. Banana Aspirin Mask

Bananas are full of minerals which would provide your skin the needed nutrition and will make your skin look radiant and youthful. You can use this aspirin banana mask for fighting acne and their marks. Crush the bananas along with the aspirin tablets. Prepare a paste and apply it all over the face. Leave this paste on your face for half an hour and rinse it off with water. Tap your skin dry and you will notice some difference in acnes within the first usage.

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3. Aspirin – Tea Tree Oil Mask

Tea tree oil has numerous herbal healing properties which makes it a very useful ingredient. This amazing oil does not let the skin get oily and sticky. It makes the skin acne free. Crush the aspirin tablets and mix the fine powder with tea tree oil to prepare a thick paste. Apply this paste over your face and let it work on the acnes for 30 minutes. After the mixture gets dry, wash it off and tap your face dry. This mask will provide you silky skin and will get you rid of the acnes soon.

4. Aloe Vera Gel And Aspirin Mask

Aloe vera is widely used for skin and hair care. There are numerous benefits of aloe vera gel and fighting acne is one of them. The raw aloe vera juice has anti oxidant features which makes it widely used for curing acne. Extract raw aloe vera juice from the plant and mix it with the aspirin powder. Apply this mask over your face and let it work for 30 minutes. Due to aloe vera gel this mask will give you added advantages like smooth, radiant and fairer skin. Use this mask once a week for getting rid of the acne soon.

5. Aspirin Powder And Lemon Juice Mask

Lemon is used for curing various kinds of skin problems like pimples, dark patches, suntan etc. This amazing ingredient can also heal the acnes. For preparing a mask, take some aspirin powder and mix it with lemon juice. Prepare a thick paste and apply it on your face. You can wash this mask after 15-20 minutes. This mask will get you rid of the acnes and will give an even and fair skin tone.

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These face packs are easy to prepare and without no time they can be made. So, try it regularly for an effective result.

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