5 DIY Onion Hair Masks For Silky Long Hair


Along with the delicious taste it sprinkles into the food, onion has many other usages which are quite unknown to people. Onion is used for skin and hair treatments and provides amazing results. The benefits of using Onions on hair are numerous. Onions give silky, smooth, voluminous and amazing hair. There are various hair masks that you can use according to your hair type and requirement. Also onion s help the hair in growing and thus these benefits makes onion masks very desirable.

Here Are Some Onion Applications That You Can Consider For Your Hair:

1. Raw Onion Juice For Voluminous Hair

For this mask, you do not need any extra ingredient. The raw and fresh onion juice has immense benefits that would make you get crazy for this vegetable. Squeeze out all the fresh onion juice and apply it evenly on your hair. Leave this mask for some time and then rinse it off with cold water. This mask gives amazing shine and volume to your gorgeous tresses. This mask is usually preferred when the hair gets damaged, brittle and loses volume. This amazing mask would leave your hair thicker. Stronger and shinier.

Raw onion juice for voluminous hair

2. Onion Juice And Rum For Shiny And Bouncy Tresses

Along with a titillating and delicious taste, Rum also provides amazing hair benefits. If you are bored of that sticky and thin hair, use this onion-rum mask for getting a natural bounce in your hair. Extract some onion juice and mix it with around 60ml of rum. Mix the paste and apply it thoroughly in your hair from scalp to the tips. Allow this mask to stay in the hair for half an hour and then rinse it off. You will find extra gloss and bounce in your hair after the usage of this mask. You can use this mask biweekly to get amazing hair.

Onion juice and Rum for shiny and bouncy tresses

3. Garlic-Onion Paste For Graying Hair

The garlic-onion paste can be massaged into the hair for preventing the hair to get brittle and gray. Premature graying is a very common problem with the youth nowadays. Due to the environmental and poor health and diet effects, the hair do not get proper nourishment and gets damages. Ties paste can be applied in the hair to avoid breakage and premature graying of hair. Mix the onion and garlic juices and apply it from scalp to the ends. Massage the mixture for some time and rinse off. You will feel the silkiness when you get your hands around your tresses. You can also use these ingredients along with almond oil to get prepare a massage oil along with garlic and onion.

Garlic-Onion paste for graying hair

4. Onion And Lemon Mask

This mask is very effective if you face a severe problem of dandruff. This mask gives you dandruff free and shiny hair. Especially in winters, the dandruffs start appearing on the hair making them brittle and damaged. For applying this mask, get some onion juice and add the lemon peel powder to the onion juice. You can also add come yogurt if you want more shiny and bouncy hair. Apply these ingredients in your hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse it thoroughly and tap dry your hair. Soon you will discover beautiful and shiny hair. For getting completely dandruff free hair, apply this pack weekly.

Onion and Lemon mask

5. Onion And Fenugreek Mask

Nobody is unaware about the hair strengthening benefits that fenugreek seeds have. This mask has numerous benefits like preventing gray hair, preventing damage and thinning of hair etc. Fenugreek seeds give amazing softness to your hair. For this mask, mix the onion juice and fenugreek powder in equal consistency and apply the mask on the hair. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash with cold water. You can apply this mask biweekly for soft, lengthy and strong hair.

Onion and fenugreek mask

These were the amazing onion hair masks for making your tresses desirably long, shiny, bouncy and strong. Flaunt your hair with using these masks regularly. Happy beautiful hair!