5 Effective Toning Exercises With Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are equivalent to dumbbells in the gym or any other tool used to get your body in shape. The best thing about resistance bands is that they come in variety of lengths and strengths and can be used anywhere on the roads, parks or even at your home thus making it one of the most frequently used items to get in shape. Of course these alone will not be enough to get your skinny jeans out from the cupboard to be worn as the will to go about the exercises is another factor that will come into play. Overall, if certain exercises can be carried out with the help of these bands, getting in shape isn’t far away and the ‘certain’ types of exercises that can help your cause are stated below as the following.

Here Are The 5 Toning Exercises With Resistance Bands:

1. Front Squats

Stand on the band with your feet a little apart from each other while holding the bands in each hand (with the hands on each shoulder and the elbows pointing outwards). Sit down and sit up like doing squats. 3 sets of the same having 15 reps is good enough for day. This is one overall body workout and works out the lower torso greatly.

Front Squats

2. Woodchop

Of course we have seen the lumberjack chopping the tree and it takes some doing, no wonder they have a great and strong body overall. Anchor one end of the band to a sofa or a heavy chair while the other end of the band is in your hand. Stand straight and only twist your upper torso with your hands going upwards like a wood choppers move. This positively affects your biceps & triceps area, shoulders, hips and legs.


3. Ski Jump

Skiing is one crazy sport. If you want to feel it then this is a chance. Anchor your band in such a manner that allows you to hold both the ends. Stand straight and go down like sitting on a chair (or taking off for a jump while skiing) till the hamstring area is parallel to the ground and return to the same position from where you began. This exercise tones shoulders, legs (hamstring), abs and the hip region.


4. One Leg Row

Run the band around the sole of the foot and hold the end of the band in the opposite hand. Now raise your foot till the maximum you can and at the same time balancing through your hand. Repeat the same with the other leg. This greatly affects the legs especially the calf muscles and also the shoulders. If any woman looking to get rid of back problems, this releases the stress from the core and helps removing such issues.


5. Crunch Press

Tie both your legs with the help of the resistance bands and lay down with both the legs perpendicular to the floor. Also not to forget to have your hands placed behind the head as if in a position to perform crunches. Now with a slight upward tilt of your upper body, stretch your legs apart against the force of the resistance band. Pause on the position and gently bring your legs down after the same. This helps you against the fat accumulated under the waist especially your thighs, tones your back and a great workout to attain abs over a period of time.