5 Exercises For Pear Shaped Body Type

Human body shapes are not the same. Each one is different from the other and one shape that needs proper and constant attention is the Pear Body type. Some exercises that help Peer Shaped Body types to trim down and maintain a healthy attractive posture are given below.

Here Are The 5 Exercises For Pear Shaped Body Type:

1. Skipping Lunge

Lunge Skips means working the legs moving quickly while still making sure focus is on maintaining proper form to keep the knees safe. Pull the right leg back, swing it forward to abdomen height and jump with your left feet. With the right leg behind, land safely in the original lunge position. Repeat with both the legs each side steadily for 30 seconds. Predominantly done for Leg strengthening and toning, Skipping Lunge, if done regularly and carefully is one of the best exercises for maintaining the lower portion of the physique in a groomed attractive manner.

Skipping Lunge

2. Criss-Cross Squat Jacks

Done for toning many sets of muscles in the upper as well as the lower portion of the body, this is performed in a standing posture. Standing erect with both the hands behind the head and twisting the body in the opposite direction, this exercise not only burns calories in the target areas, but also helps relieving muscle pains in upper, middle as well as lower portions of the body. When done with complete focus on the position of the body, this workout equally targets all sides of the body, trimming muscles in a uniform manner.

Criss-Cross Squat Jacks

3. Lunge Lift-Off Cross Curl

Hips and thighs are always the major trouble zones. To balance out a good shape even out a heavy lower part, the upper portion has to be more defined. Doing this 3 to 4 times a week with very little or no rest in between, can produce visible results in the upper as well as lower portions of the body, mainly focusing on Hips and Thighs. This workout is done holding dumbbells in the hands and stretching in cross positions reaching the Lunge posture. The curls must be performed with goof focus on the posture to sped up the achievement of the desired result.

Lunge Lift-Off Cross Curl

4. Capoeira Skater

In this exercise, the left leg is crossed behind the right leg and the upper body rotated to the right with palms facing down and elbows bent at the chest level. Swinging arms in front of the body land on the left leg and lower into lunge position. Repeat the same with the other leg and opposite position. While this works out the muscles in the Upper and Lower body in a balanced manner, the mid portion of the body get clearly toned bringing about a good shape. A regular 20 minutes workout helps maintain a balanced figure.

Capoeira Skater

5. V-Pull Plie

With slightly bent knees, move both the legs out and hold the dumbbells from a side angle with both the hands. Bend the knees till the thighs are parallel to the floor. Lift up. Pull down. Repeat according to the recommended number of repetitions or to hasten up the result, as long as possible. While the main muscle that gain are the Quadriceps, Abdomen, Glutes, Calves and Hamstring muscles also gets strengthened. Care must be taken to keep the back straight while doing the exercise which otherwise might result in back injury causing severe pain.

V-Pull Plie

Try the above mentioned exercises regularly to get rid of pear shaped body. Along with the regular exercises keep a strict check on your diet as well.