5 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat And Define Your Waist

Beautifully sculpted waist is a dream of every woman. Who does not desire a stunning and flawlessly defined waist? There are numerous workout routine and exercises available for toning the waistline. However, it is not possible to follow the entire achy and intense workout daily due to today’s hectic lifestyle. If you are looking for some amazing and fast effective exercises which can give an adorable and immensely stunning waistline, here we present you the most effective exercise s which would provide you a dream waistline within no time.

Follow These Exercise Routine And Get A Stunning And Gorgeously Toned Waistline:

1. Pilates

Pilates are amazing workout which would provide you a chiseled waits line within no time. Pilates work hard on your abdomen and core muscles thus giving you a sharp and perfect waistline. Allow pressure on your waist and abdomen while performing Pilates. Stretch your body from top to legs and keep the toes pointed. Try various kinds of side and front Pilates. There are many variations which you can try for getting as leek waist sooner.


2. Lifted Leg Crunches Twists

Crunches are the most effective and impactful exercises while talking about belly fat. If you want a sleek and fat free belly soon, try this amazing variation in crunches. Sit in the position of crunches and raise your legs. Now just like the side crunches, move in the left and right directions. You can carry a ball or a light dumbbell in your hands while performing this workout. This would not only affect your abs but would also tone your core and hips.

Lifted Leg Crunches Twists

3. Leg Reaches

This is a kind of sleeping leg raises which will work wonders on your belly. Lie down on the floor and keep your hands below your head. Now raise your legs above while applying pressure on the waist and abdomen. Raise your legs until you can and hold on the position for few seconds. When you feel a tight stretch on your belly, lower down your legs in to the normal position. This workout would provide you amazing and perfectly sculpted belly soon.


4. Kickbacks

Kickbacks too are amazing workouts which work on your abdominal muscles and the core. It applies huge pressure and stretch on your waist making it perfectly shaped. Donkey kickbacks are the most widely used workouts which you can follow if you want a quicker change in your belly and want to lose a lot of belly fat. For this workout, rest your hands on the floor with one leg making a 90 degree angle and other leg raised. Kick backwards from the other leg. Repeat this process for both legs for 15-20 times. This workout would sculpt your waistline in a perfect manner and would make your muscles tighter and sharper.


5. Cross Leg Crunches

The crunches have many variations and one of the most effective crunch variations is the cross leg crunch. The main advantage of the cross leg crunches is, that it works on the core, abdomen and the sides of the waist. The cross leg crunches would allow you to twist right and left which would sharpen your sides giving you a perfectly toned and shaped belly. Try cross leg crunches with both legs turn by turn with your hands below your head. This workout would never fail to give you amazing and gorgeous waistline.