5 Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Summer Months

During the warmer months, natural clothing is the way to go. Natural clothing is the latest mantra in the fashion world because it is natural and wearable. Also, you can easily get so many different varieties of like cotton, linen or viscose or even rayon. Not only do they give you a cool quotient and help you stay put during the warm weather, it is also very fashionable.

Here Are 5 Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Summer Months

1. Full Sleeve Cotton Shirt

A full sleeve cotton shirt is one of the most versatile and flexible pieces that you can have in your summer wardrobe. And it is essential that you own at least one. It can be something like a button down blouse or even a regular shirt that can be rolled up on the sleeves to give you a cool look. It goes with skirts, jackets, jeans, trousers and almost anything. Plus it works from day to night.

2. Dress Shirt

A good cotton dress shirt is more like a tunic that comes with a belt. It can be worn with either leggings or even just as a dress. Pick a dress shirt that comes with a belt to accentuate your curves. If you want to cover up a bit then just add a pair of leggings.

3. Cotton Trousers/ Capris/ Shorts

You can either own all three pieces in your wardrobe or at least have two from here. These are just right for the warm summer months. For a casual look stick to capris or shorts and if you are going formal, pick from straight or slim fit trousers that offer a more classy look.

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4. Cotton Maxi Dresses

For those living in very humid areas, a good cotton-based maxi dress is a must own. Being natural it helps in absorbing sweet and yet makes you look glamorous and sexy. You can pick from a maxi dress style that is either halter neck, spaghetti style or even something that is strapless.

5. Flowy Cotton Skirts

Go for a neutral colored natural material based skirt in print, which is either flowy or frilly. It is the perfect way to flaunt your cool and fashionable quotient and can be paired with anything light on the top. You can also create a clash of prints here.

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