5 Fashionable Shorts Styles For Different Body Types

Shorts is something that you can easily flaunt at beaches, for casual outings and even in the movie hall. But there’s a thin line between the kind of shorts that make you look wow and the ones that make you look ugh. So it is vital to understand the kind of shorts that you should sport, based on your body type.

Here Are Some Fashionable Ways Of Doing So:

1. Hot Pants

These should be restricted to clubbing or the beach wear because as the name suggests they are literally ending where your hips end, making it difficult to bend or stoop over. Ideally, these are suggested for the lankier and thinner body types like hour glass or even apple body shapes who have skinnier legs.

2. Regular Relaxed Shorts

Usually made of materials like khakhi and linen these are shorts that are ideal for women who are pear shaped. They give you enough room around the butt area and cover a little longer than your hips. So you can wear them during the day and you can don these with tighter tops to highlight your curvaceous body.

3. Printed Shorts

These can be worn by all kinds of women, depending on the print they choose. If you are short and petite, then go for a striped print that helps you gain some height. For pear shaped women, opt for smaller prints that makes the hips look smaller. Apple shaped women can add some depth here with bolder prints.

4. Mid-Lenght Rise

These are a short styles that stop a few inches above the heel. Usually found in materials like denim, they are especially suited for all day wear – starting from doing grocery to heading out in the evening. A comfortable length but great enough to sport your toned legs. Remember if your thighs are heavier go for a little relaxed fit and if you are really toned opt for a slim fit.

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5. Bermuda Shorts

These are more suited for women who are on the healthier side and want a longer length to cover almost up to their knees. They come in fashionable colours and accentuate your legs to create an alluring shape.

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