5 Fresh Coral Inspired Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eyes reflect a person’s character they say. Beautifying the eyes is every girls dream today. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser or wipes. Clean off the stale mascara and eyeliner. Eye makeup is not easy to clean off with just water so use some oil or lotion with a cotton ball and gently wipe out. First you must clean your eyes. So start with exfoliating and moisturizing of the eyes and around. This will create or schism how your face will look after the makeup is done. You make use a branded exfoliating product or clean your face massaging it with a damp wash cloth emphasizing on the dry areas. After it is done apply your skin friendly moisturizer liberally on your face and your neck also. Take care to use a lip balm to your lips so that they don’t get dry and chap off but keep them soft and supple. Apply concealer under your eyes and other places that need to be concealed like the chin, sides of the nose and forehead and blend it into your skin.

Here Are Few Coral Makeup Ideas:

1. Gorgeous Blue And Purple Eye Makeup

For a night wedding or a party or any night occasion the gorgeous blue and purple eye makeup would be the absolute take. You will look absolutely splendid and ravishing. You need to use bright and bold colors of blue and purple along with silver to use as eye shadow. A broad outline will give it more prominence and give in a stunning look.

2. Muted Smokey Eyes

The muted smoky eyes eye makeup look is a usual eye do where you use the regular black or brown shades along with a scant amount of maroon color for a subdued and moderate finish.

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3. Shimmer Green And Purple Eye Makeup

The shimmer green and purple eye makeup is a gorgeous evening time eye maquillage. Apply shimmer purple and shimmer green colors to get the exquisite and splendid look.

4. Hot Carnival Look

The hot carnival look is the best for college goers too. You will need glitter purple color, blue eye liner for the lower ledge and matte magenta color. You may use some false feather eye lashes that are available from high branded make up shops or online shops.

5. Leopard Look

The leopard look is good for parties and special occasions that require leopard makeup. This make up needs a creative mind and of course hands that can paint with a lot of detail and precision. It may be painted for a girl’s sleepover party or even birthday parties. You will require some golden glitter eye shadow cream or powder, a few very sharp black eye liner pencils of high branding and lots of eye shadow of gold color.

Eye makeup accentuates the beauty of your eyes and gives a definition and elevates your beauty. When you look at a person the first thing you see are the eyes and it is good to keep the eyes beautiful. Experimenting with eye makeup is the trend of the day among the young girls. Nowadays women not only use make up for parties and occasions but it has become an everyday thing now. A good brand of eye makeup should be used that would be good for your eyes and not be a threat with chemical ingredients.

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