5 Fresh Floral Attire You Can Work For Office

We usually associate florals with vacation and summer time and spring collections. There is this misconception that wearing floral designs in a professional workplace may look, well, unprofessional. But it doesn’t have to be that way. When teamed up with the right combinations and accessories, florals can look extremely workplace friendly. All you need to do is pick the right print and mix it with something super swanky and formal. This mix and match combo will actually make you stand apart from the crowd and give you that extra edge.

Let’s Look At Some Great Ways To Wear Florals At Work:

1. Crisp Cotton Floral Shirt

Cotton has an inherent quality of looking formal. It is a great fabric for workplace. So when you wear a cotton shirt tucked in perfectly with floral design, you are sure to look stylish yet professional. It is a great way to combine your two strengths: fashion and professionalism. Go for light colours and minimalist designs. Stay away from gaudy prints.

floral shirt

2. A Floral Skirt

Skirts are always in fashion. In fact, they are the most versatile workplace uniforms. From centuries, women have invested in good quality skirts that they can wear for work. Add a little floral design to them and you invariably crank it up a notch. Skirts are already very feminine but adding a little floral print makes them even more feminine and elegant. Team it up with a plain shirt and a swanky purse and you’re all set for work.

A floral skirt

3. Floral Jacket

What better way to showcase your fashionista side than by wearing a beautiful jacket. Floral jackets and over coats are in fashion and can be seen everywhere these days. They are especially suited for the workplace. The key is to pair a jacket with floral design with something elegantly simple and plain. Even a plain white shirt will look wonderful under a floral jacket. Or choose any pastel colours that go well with the floral design that you picked.

Floral jacket

4. Floral Pantsuits

Pant suits are one of the classiest ways to dress for women. They reek of professionalism in any colour or any design. Whether it is a normal day at work, or an important business meeting a pant suit is all you need to get that extra edge. And add a floral print on to p of that? It is sure to make you look extra elegant and stylish. Go for light colored floral pant suits and there is no stopping you at the workplace.

Floral pantsuits

5. Floral Dress

A dress is always the best choice for anything formal. There is no better way to dress for a woman at the office than a dress. Go for a floral print on your dress for a casual Friday or when things are a bit laid back. Team it up with a crisp, formal jacket and it is the perfect look for work that imbibes the floral design in the most professional way. It is a great option for the spring season. And if you choose those nice pastel colours, the overall attire will look even more elegant and classy. So choose the right colour and the right cut for your dress. Not too much flair but tight and fitting styles will go perfectly well.

Floral dress

Floral dresses are the most preferred wear for ladies. These can be worn in any party i.e formal or casual. So, take some ideas from the above mentioned tips and try them out in your office wear.