Curly Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls

5 Funky Curly Mohawk Hairstyles For Girls

We curated a list of funky curly mohawk hairstyles for girls with pictures. Check it out!

Mohawks are trendy, bold and cool hairstyles which are quite popular among girls. May be it is a men oriented hairstyle but it can be improvised with a feminine touch.

In fact, Mohawk is well accepted hairstyle in women from the last few years. Mohawks with curls are an absolutely ravishing combination that one can have. This hairstyle can be a piece of art with creativity.

You just need to be bold enough to create this awesome hairstyle. You can take the help of a professional hair stylist for creating your own style statement.

Funky Mohawk Hairstyles With Curls

Curly Hair Mohawk With Clean Fade

There are a few details in this hairstyle. The curly Mohawk, side fades and sharp and clean shave line between the Mohawk and fade.

The Mohawk will look nice with highlights. The fade will create a focus on the Mohawk along with the sharp clean line.

This is a perfect bold feminine hairstyle that one can have. If you want some drastic change in your hair then go for this cool hairstyle. This hairstyle is bold, trendy and creative.

Curly Hair Mohawk With Side Braid

Mohawk can give a typical Afro-American touch to the hair. You can style the Mohawk with side braids.

Make sharp, clean sleek braids on the sides. Keep your Mohawk classical with fine curls and long hair.

Your trendy cool hairstyle is ready to rock the party. In fact, you are the party starter. The hairstyle will be cool and fashionable.

Mohawks Up Do With Curls

If you have curly hair, gather all your curls and pull it up to make an updo with the help of some hair gel. The up do will be like Mohawk style.

Be careful about setting of up do in the right place. The curly Mohawk up do will create a new style statement. You just need a bike to rock the day.

Shocking Purple Mohawk Hairstyle With Curls

Perfect Mohawk in soft curls can give you a feminine look. You don’t need to make an extra effort when you are doing a Mohawk. Colour your Mohawk in shocking purple ombre. And keep the rest of the short side as it is.

The purple colour in soft curly Mohawk will do the rest. This hairstyle is stylish, modern and looks lovely.

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If you get bored with your old hairstyle then this is the one which can change your entire look. The colour combination, Mohawk and curls will create a piece of art work on your hair. You are instantly ready to hit the carnival, festival or party.

Feather Mohawk With Clean Side

This hairstyle needs a bold girl who loves to take new challenges. The long feather style Mohawk with a clean side will look super cool!

The feather Mohawk will be good if it is in black. The clean sides will complement the long Mohawk. You need to use a hair gel to make your hair straight so that it looks like a feather.

This hairstyle will look great with leather jacket, jeans and a white tee. But you can wear anything. It is just a matter of how you are carrying your outfit with this bold hairstyle.

Curly Hair Mohawk Hairstyles For Women: FAQs

Can you have a mohawk with curly hair?

Curly mohawk hairstyles look edgy and chic. mohawk on curly hair is a trending hairstyle in 2022. This hair style is specially popular among African American women since they have naturally curly hair.

What is a faux hawk vs mohawk?

Mohawk hairstyle features shaved sides with a dramatic strip of hair in the middle that runs from the front till the back of the head. Whereas a faux hawk hairstyle is slightly less dramatic than mohawk and has faded sides with hair in the middle.

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