5 Herbal Ways To Darken Your Gray Hair

Melanin is an important pigment that is responsible for helping your hair to maintain its own color. Improper production of this pigment results in the appearance of grey hair. Health conditions like diabetics, anemia and thyroid problems also turn your hair into grey color. Artificial colors are applied on the hair to cover the grey color. Instead of artificial colors, you can make use of herbal remedies in order to cover your grey hair. These remedies are safe because these are free from toxic substances. Regular usage of these products helps in naturally turning your gray hair into natural color.

Below Are The 5 Herbal Ways To Darken Your Gray Hair:

1. Hibiscus Hair Rinse

Hibiscus is very popular because of its hair nourishing properties. Leaves and flowers of hibiscus are very helpful in darkening your grey hair. Add leaves and flowers of hibiscus in hot water. Let these ingredients soak in water overnight. Next morning, use this liquid for rinsing your hair. This process helps in nourishing your hair with essential nutrients to turn your grey hair to dark.


2. Sage Hair Rinse

Fresh or dried leaves of sage can be used for hair rinsing to turn grey hair to dark hair. You can add these leaves with your shampoo too. Add at least four tablespoons of sage leaves to the boiling water. Remove the flame and allow the leaves to soak in hot water for overnight. Next morning, strain the liquid and use it for hair rinse. This process helps in turning your grey hair into dark color in a natural and safest way.


3. Rosemary Hair Rinse

Rosemary is very helpful in darkening your gray hair. Rosemary hair rinse works as an effective hair tonic. You can maximize the hair darkening properties of this herb by combining it with sage leaves. Rosemary infusion also works great when you use it as a direct rinse right after shampooing. Rosemary is not only helpful in turning your grey hair to dark color but also helps in promoting hair growth.


4. Curry Leaves Hair Tonic

Curry leaves are rich in natural compound that is very beneficial in retaining natural color of your hair. For reaping the hair darkening benefits from curry leaves, boil some curry leaves in some amount of coconut oil. Boil till the leaves turn into darker color. This solution acts as a hair tonic. Apply it on hair roots and on your scalp for promoting hair pigmentation.


5. Elder Leaves Hair Rinse

Take 500 ml of sterile water. Add one cup of elder leaves. Bring to the boiling point. Leave it for overnight. In the following morning, strain the solution and use it as a hair rinse for darkening your hair color. You can mix this solution with your shampoo. This process helps in turning your grey hair to dark.