5 Homemade Face Washes For Oily Skin

Excess production of oil in your skin plays a vital role in ruining your skin care routine. Oily skin looks unpleasant if proper care is not given. Also, the skin loses its natural luster with the lack of proper care. Therefore, we need to protect our skin carefully. Although you find a number of face washes in the market that promise you in protecting your skin, it is better to use homemade face washes. This is because you will have full of control on the ingredients that you choose in making homemade face washes. Here, we are providing some amazing homemade face washes for oily skin.

Below Are The 5 Homemade Face Washes For Oily Skin:

1. Milk And Orange Peel Powder Face Wash

We all know that milk acts as one of the most powerful and natural cleansers to the skin. Cold milk is very effective when compared to normal milk for those people with oily skin. One teaspoonful of powdered peel of orange must be combined with some raw cold milk. A cotton ball must be soaked in that mixture and applied to your skin. Massage your skin clockwise and anti-clockwise for few minutes. Then, wait for some more minutes. Then, wash your skin with tepid water.

Milk And Orange Peel Powder Face Wash

2. Honey And Banana Face Wash

Honey is highly capable of absorbing the excess oil from the skin. When this amazing ingredient is applied, it keeps other skin problems too at bay. For this, add some pieces of banana and mix it with honey in the food processor. Add some orange juice. Blend these ingredients well and apply this mixture to your skin. Wait for fifteen minutes. Remove the mixture from your skin with the help of cool washcloth.

Honey And Banana Face Wash

3. Olive Oil Face Wash

Olive oil is highly known to be beneficial in pulling out dirt from your skin. To reap the benefits of olive oil face wash, firstly, wash your skin with plain water. Then, take some olive oil drops and massage your skin. Let the oil stay on your skin for some time. Remove the oil using a damp warm towel. After cleansing, you will notice glowing skin.

Olive Oil Face Wash

4. Cucumber Face Wash

Cucumber makes your skin fresh for a longer time. It is very effective in controlling the greasiness from your skin. Take some cucumber paste and apply on your skin. Leave the paste for some time on your skin. Massage your skin in circular motions with your finger- tips for some time. Wash your skin with normal water.

Cucumber Face Wash

5. Lemon Face Wash

Lemon protects your skin very effectively. It is loaded with amazing exfoliating properties. Combine some lemon juice with a very little quantity of distilled water. Apply this solution to your skin with the help of cotton ball. Let the pack sit on your skin for ten minutes. Wash your skin using tepid water. Apply moisturizer after washing your skin.

Lemon Face Wash