5 Homemade Lip Scrubs For Supple And Soft Lips

Scrubbing is an important process of caring for our body. It is important to note that scrubbing is not only required by the body but also required by our lips. Many people usually ignore this concept. As a result, the natural glow of lips is hidden behind dead skin cells. Fortunately, you can start the process at least from now to care for your lips. Instead of relying on store bought cosmetics, it is hundred percent better to depend on the natural and wonderful ingredients to get supple and soft lips. And in this article, we are extremely happy to share with you the five natural methods of preparing lip scrubs that work great for you. Enjoy reading the article.

Here Are The 5 Homemade Lip Scrubs For Supple And Soft Lips:

1. Honey And Peppermint Lip Scrub

It is a well known fact that the most of the kitchen ingredients are the major ingredients in the commercially available cosmetic and beauty care products. We are using the kitchen ingredients for preparing this homemade natural lip scrub to enhance the beauty and suppleness of your lips. You need a teaspoon of Honey and two to three drops of peppermint oil. These are the major ingredients of this scrub. These are rich in skin friendly and skin beneficial nutrients. You can also consider adding a teaspoon of almond oil or any oil of your choice along with a teaspoon of sugar. Heat the honey and mix with almond oil. Also, start adding sugar and peppermint oil for making a fine paste. Start massaging your lips with this scrub for eliminating dead skin cells. Once done, wash it with warm and clean cloth.

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2. Sugar Lip Scrub

This is one of the easiest scrubs that can be easily made at home. In fact, this method is in use since ancient days for the purpose of exfoliating lips. Sugar is known to be beneficial in exfoliating the skin. For preparing this scrub, add a tablespoon coconut oil to a tablespoon honey. Add a table spoon of sugar to this preparation. Mix these ingredients well for giving a finishing touch to the preparation. Sugar scrub is ready to use. Apply this scrub on your lips and massage. Afterwards, wash off with a wet clean cloth.

3. Coffee Lip Scrub

Coffee is not only a great beverage for starting your day on a good note, but also serves as a natural ingredient for exfoliating your lips. Caffeine is actually a rejuvenating agent for skin. Its preparation is very simple. All you have to do is to mix the grounded coffee with a teaspoon of olive oil. Blend these very well until you find the blend of this preparation. Rub this scrub on your lips for at least five minutes. Once done, rinse off with warm water.

4. Mint Scrub

Mint scrub works wonder in giving you smooth and soft lips by exfoliating the dead skin cells. This scrub also contains various ingredients that are highly beneficial for skin. Gently mix peppermint oil with other ingredients like olive oil, honey and sugar. Make sure to mix these ingredients well. Before applying the scrub, wash your lips with a warm cloth. This process is required to reduce the harshness of the skin so that the scrub can be applied easily. Now, rub with this scrub mixture on your lips for about a minute. Wash with wet cloth.

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5. Lemon Lip Scrub

Lemon is the powerhouse of various healing as well as cosmetic properties. It is a powerful and natural exfoliating agent. Its qualities make it a super ingredient for handling various kinds of beauty and skin care issues. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice along with four teaspoons sugar. Add some petroleum jelly to this mixture to enhance that the scrub is added with moisturizer. Mix these ingredients well. Massage with this scrub on your lips for at least five minutes. After five minute, wash with wet cloth.

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