5 No-Fuss Eyebrow Threading Machines You Can Use at Home

Tired of running around from one parlour to the other in a hope that you’ll one day hit on a jackpot stylist who’ll be able to carve your ideal eyebrow shape without giving you cuts? Traumatized by the excessive pain you are suffocated with every time you pluck or tweeze extra eyebrow hair? If so, you can leave your worry on our shoulders now. While we can’t track down your dream stylist or dream eyebrow shape, we can surely list some dream eyebrow threading machines that will groom your eyebrows and sculpt them into different shapes, without messing and cutting your skin. Go through the 5 below listed machines and own one as soon as you can.

1. Cocojojo Threading Eyebrow Hair Removal Machine

This eyebrow threading machine in itself is a complete eyebrow shaping and grooming option. This is because, it comes pre packed with a smoothing serum, high quality rolling thread and preparing powder. Mark the eyebrow shape you want with a pen, so that you can roll the thread exactly over the hair that need to be derooted. Start by moistening your eyebrows with the serum and roll them with the given powder to increase the machine’s rooting grip. Gently twist the machine’s edges up and down, so that the thread moves around the corners to cover and deroot all unwanted hair. The best is, it doesn’t pull wanted hair. Which is why, both the eyebrows have even thickness.

2. Baidi Multifunctional Threading Machine

Baidi features this all-in-one eyebrow threading and styling option that comes with a thread, threading machine, styling pen and cleaning wipe sponge. You should ideally remove traces of oil from the eyebrows before getting started. Use a stencil to draw the shape you want. Glide the thread of the machine on all hair lying outside the range of desired shape. Follow it with the styling pen to shave any left behind miniscule hair. And clean the fallen hair from your face with the smooth swipe cleaning sponge. You can use it even for sensitive skin.

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3. Helix Deluxe Hair And Eyebrow Threading Machine

This revolutionary eyebrow threading machine can also be used to remove hair from chin and upper lips. It is non irritant and helix offers thread, eyebrow comb and eyebrow brush alongside the machine, in a single kit. Gently comb your hair with the eyebrow comb and use a pen to carve a shape. Start rolling the thread directly over extra hair. After you get a clean finish, you can use a small scissor to trim down the length of outgrown hair. The machine is made of irritation proof metal and plastic. Thus, it keeps the skin safe from any bacterial or fungal infection.

4. Thread-It Facial Hair Remover

This slick pen-stick-sleek threading machine is a portable last minute rescue for grooming eyebrows by removing all extra hair. You need to bend the flexible body and use it against the unwanted hair, gently stroking it in the opposite direction in which your hair grow. This will reduce the chances of hair breaking instead of derooting. The best is to first cut down long hair, so that wanted hair aren’t confused as unwanted. Also, it can be used on the entire face without much fuss.

5. Insasta Slique Eyebrow, Face And Body Threading Machine:

This is an ultimate grooming threading machine that offers amazing end results. It doesn’t cause cuts or bruises, and it pulls out hair from roots very gently, instead of breaking them. Thus, using this threading machine keeps you away from the danger of getting bruised or developing a boil. You can move its handles in tandem to grip even minute hair that might otherwise otherwise go unnoticed. It can also be used as an alternative to waxing.

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The above listed 5 simple eyebrow grooming and threading machines can give you your desired eyebrow shape in minutes. Since they are hypoallergenic and hygienic, they do not irritate or inflame the sensitive eye area. You can also use them if you have hard hair.

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