5 Party Hairstyle Ideas For Wavy Hair

We could never fall short of parties to go to especially if the summer break is going on and we have loads of time to just enjoy. Parties are also the perfect reason to get a fabulous makeover and look hot and glamorous through the season and our hair cut plays a big role in it. Styling our hair everyday can not only eat up our time but also damage the hair. So here are some great hair- cuts which could be styled slightly to get the perfect wavy haircut for all the parties.

Here Are The 5 Party Hairstyle Ideas For Wavy Hair:

1. Short Maroon Waves

The colour maroon is bold and stands out in any setting. When going to a party, you want to get noticed or stand out in the crowd. Well this hair cut will guarantee you that. If you have wavy hair, get it dyed in maroon. If you do not want permanent marron hair, there is a fix for that too. You could use temporary marron spray on your hair, but be careful to not get the colour anywhere else. For the ones with wavy hair, take a few locks of hair and curl it a little more to give it some shape and spray maroon or get maroon highlights. If you have straight hair, get waves and have one layer of waves more prominent than the rest. Colour this layer with maroon. This looks great if you are brunette.


2. Wavy Sassy Bob

Are you a fan of short haircut and think that a bob cut would look great on you? Well don’t stop yourself on account of wavy hair. A wavy bob can look just as good as a straight hair bob. When you get a wavy hair bob cut, keep some locks of hair towards the front longer than the back. The length of your hair should gradually increase towards the front and when going to a party just curl your hair a little to wake the waves stand out.


3. Soft Wavy Elegance

This cut has a few elements to it. If you have short wavy hair and you find the front difficult to manage, thus getting in the way of just letting yourself loose and having fun, get it straightened. Just straighten the front of your hair and cut them into bangs, till just above your eyebrows. Round them off a little to give it volume. Keep the rest of your hair in perfectly messy waves and add some product to keep the shape.


4. Short City Chic

This cut is fresh and contemporary. The look has an effortless feel to it with slightly shaggy ends. If you have waves, loosen them out by using straight iron from the top, but do not make it absolutely straight. Do not straighten the entire length. If you have straight hair, get slight waves. To add some character to your hair and get the party look, choose a very light shade of any colour and add some highlights. If you so not want permanent highlights, spray some colour lightly on your hair.


5. The Wavy Ponytail

Do you pull of the ponytail better than open hair? Well you have wavy and long hair, this is just the look for you. Make a slight puff on the top to add some volume and tie a ponytail. The ponytail should not be too low or too high. Take two strands of your hair from the back of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. Fasten it with a hair pin. You could highlight the curls once before you leave for the evening. Add some product to prevent fly away hair and keep the puff through the evening.