5 Pectoral Exercises For Women

Pectoral exercises are good for shaping your breasts. You can’t change the size of your breasts by these exercises, rather you can shape them. What will be the size of the breasts it depends on the fat you had when it was built. The sizes can be smaller if you check your diet. Otherwise, pectoral exercises work on the muscles under the breasts. When your inner muscles will be more and strong, the breasts will look big, lift up. We have compiled few pectoral exercises that can help you to boost up the boobs. Here you go.

Below Are The 5 Pectoral Exercises For Women:

1. Push Ups

Push ups are the only option if you want to work out without weights. This exercise is good for the every muscle of the upper body. It also helps to develop the triceps and shoulders. But it needs to be done properly. Let’s have a look at its proper form. Come to the position of the cow on the floor mat. Put your hands wide open. Now practice the push ups with balancing on your palms and knees. In the second round, change the position and balance your core on the toes and palms, keep your core straight and do the push ups. Remember, when you are going down to touch the floor with your breasts and then rise up. This way your pectoral muscles will be strong.


2. Triceps Dips

Sit on the flat bench and place your palms by your sides facing front, forward your legs straight. Now lift your body from the bench and slowly lower your body in the air. Balance your entire core on your hands and heels and be straight. In this sitting position in the air lift your body to the exact height of the bench and then down the body like as much as you can like you are going to sit down on the floor. This exercise is excellent for your arms, triceps, and pecs.


3. Bench Press With Barbell

This is the most powerful weight exercises. It is the best for chest muscles. The barbell focus on the primary and secondary both muscles. To start the exercise, lie down on the bench, keep your body straight and hold the barbell with wide gaps. Now slowly push the barbell up and in the same time exhale and when you are pulling the barbell inhale and place the barbell just touching your breasts. This way you will work out fully for your chest muscles.


4. Dumbbell Flyes

This exercise is for stretching and widens your pectoral muscles. But for the best result you have to do it in a proper way. Position your body like you are hugging a giant trunk of a tree in lying down position. This exercise with dumbbells is really meant for women. It is simply excellent. Lie down on a bench straight and keep your feet on the floor. Now, hold two dumbbells. Lift your hands just the upper position of your chest but slightly bend the elbow, don’t make your hands straight. Pull your hands on the sides and then lift up. Don’t straight your hands. It must be slightly bent.


5. Slams With Medicine Ball

Stand straight with hip width gap between two legs, knees slightly bend and hold a medicine ball with both of the hands. Now lift the ball above your head and then slam it on the floor as firm as you can, then again pick it up and go above the head and slam. Practice this at least 20 sets. The harder you do the slam the harder will work out your chest muscles.