5 Refreshing Homemade Night Creams For Rejuvenating Your Skin

If you are among those people whose main goal is getting toxin free radiant skin, you must rely on using night creams for nourishing your skin. Day cream for skin care is loaded with sunscreen and various chemicals that protect from pollutants. While the night creams are loaded with the properties that help to heal the skin. Night creams are loaded with rejuvenation, moistening properties, recovery and regeneration of skin. Various night creams are obtainable in the market. However, applying the night cream which is prepared at home helps to serve the purpose of nourishing the skin with all the required nutrients and vital vitamins.

This Article Helps To Update You About The Various Homemade Night Creams For Caring Your Skin

1. Night Cream With Apple

Apples are rich in vital vitamins. And apple is a rich source of antioxidants, malic acid and beta-carotene. All these properties of apple help to maintain younger and healthy looking skin. Malic acid of apple helps in giving softness to the skin. Anti-oxidant properties of apple help in maintaining radiant look of the skin.

Night Cream With Apple


One Apple
3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
3 Tablespoons Rose Water

Preparation And Application Method:

For preparing this night cream, you need to cut apple into two halves. And remove the seeds from apple. Finely chop into small pieces. Put these apple slices into the blender. Now add three tablespoons olive oil. Blend for at least six minutes. Once the mixture comes into thick consistency, transfer the preparation into the double boiler. Heat until the solution becomes warm. Remove the flame and allow the mixture to cool down to normal temperature. Now, add three tablespoons of rose water. Store it in a hygienic container. You can save this preparation into the refrigerator for 4 to 6 days. Portion of this preparation can be used as a night cream for effective results.

2. Night Cream With Cocoa Butter

Coca butter is rich in skin friendly nutrients that help in reversing the aging signs. Also, this night cream works wonder in rejuvenating the skin cells and making your skin supple and soft. Regular application of this night cream helps to assure you with a stunning and flawless skin.

Night Cream With Cocoa Butter


3 Tablespoons of Cocoa butter
3 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
3 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil

Preparation And Application Method:

Add all the above said ingredients into the mixing bowl. Mix them well to blend the ingredients completely. Transfer these into the sauce pan. Warm them. Now, allow the mixture reach the normal temperature. Store the preparation into a container. Use this as a night cream for getting rid of various skin issues.

3. Night Cream With Green Tea

Skin nourishing properties are plenty in green tea. Green tea is not only loaded with weight loss properties, it is also loaded with skin friendly nutrients. Various problems like premature ageing, sagging skin and skin damage can be eradicated to a great extent by incorporating of green tea in daily routine.

Night Cream With Green Tea


One tablespoon almond oil
One green tea bag
One tablespoon coconut oil

Preparation And Application Method:

Add almond oil and coconut oil in a double boiler. Warm them. Now, open the green tea bag and brew it in one glass of warm water. Now, transfer the solution to the double boiler. Stir well and strain the solution with the help of strainer. Whip with hand blender to form a fine consistency. Apply this preparation on face every night for getting radiant and soft skin.

4. Night Cream With Olive Oil

Abundant skin friendly properties can be found in olive oil. Hence, this oil is the major ingredient in most of the cosmetics that claim to offer you a radiant and smooth skin. This is the major ingredient in this night cream.

Night Cream With Olive Oil


Quarter Cup of Olive Oil
One teaspoon Coconut Oil
Vitamin E Oil or capsule

Preparation And Application Method:

Mix coconut oil and olive oil in a bowl. Add this into a double boiler. You can also start adding the capsule of vitamin E. You can also prefer adding a teaspoon of vitamin E oil. Let the preparation come to normal temperature. Store it in a sterile jar. Cleanse your skin and apply this preparation as a night cream. While applying, prefer to massage your skin in circular motion.

5. Night Cream With Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood is highly popular for its properties that come to a greater relief for getting rid of various skin problems. This wonderful ingredient is powerhouse of skin nourishing qualities. Hence, we find many cosmetics with sandalwood powder.

Night Cream With Sandalwood Powder


Sandalwood Powder
Almond Oil
Lemon Juice
Turmeric Powder

Preparation And Application Method:

Mix equal quantities of sandalwood powder, almond oil, lemon juice and turmeric powder in a mixing bowl. Store it in a refrigerator. You can use this cream for a week if you store it in a refrigerator. You are assured with radiant and supple skin as you apply this cream to your face on regular basis every night.