5 Simple And Easy Steps That Help You Practice Star Jumps


Do you want to strengthen your muscles and have a toned body? Are you looking forward to have an athletic body by performing most inexpensive, easiest yet highly effective exercise? If you nodded along in agreement, you should start practicing star jumps. And, if you are wondering what star jumps are and you can perform them regularly, think no further. Just give our post a read to learn all about star jumps.

What Are Star Jumps?

Star jumps, which are also widely popular as jumping jacks, is an amazing exercise routine that rewards you with remarkable health and fitness benefits. If you wish to strengthen your body muscles and have an athletic body, then you need increase your vertical jumps by including star jumps to your regular workout routine. Precisely speaking, star jump is a kind of plyometrics that focus on stretching out and contracting your body’s muscles to boost your muscle power to a great extent. Star jump are known to work on to extend your limbs, help you develop power throughout your torso, and help you attain maximum possible height. Also, learning and practicing star jumps regularly can prove highly beneficial when playing sports, such as volleyball, skiing, and basketball. So, you might be looking forward to learn and perform star jumps regularly, aren’t you? Scroll down to learn some of simple steps that can help you do this jump exercise easily without any hassles.

Find Below Five Simple, Easy Steps To Practice Star Jumps:

1. Get Ready

First of all, make sure you are standing on a flat, if possible over the padded surface, to perform star jumps. Choose a gym or grass mat for this jump exercise. Stand with shoulder-width distance between your feet. Let your knees be slightly bent. Also, allow your arms to be slightly bent at your sides. Thus, you get ready to perform star jump.

2. Jump In The Right Manner

Now, bend in your knees, go down, let your fingers touch your toes, and get into a squat position. After your get into a squat position, jump vertically as high as possible. While jumping, get off your hand from your toes and let them go up and on to your sides.

Jump In The Right Manner

3. Form A Star Shape

As you jump vertically, make sure you stretch your arms and legs completely out to your sides and in the mid-air such that your both the legs and both hands form the shape of a star with your body. Your arms must point away from your head upwards at an angle of 45 degrees.

Form A Star Shape

4. Descend To The Initial Position

Now, get back to the initial position by bringing your legs and arms inwards close to your body. Make sure you land softly on the flat surface with your knees bent and your fingers of the hands touching your toes. However, it is very important to note that if you are pregnant then you need to avoid performing this jumping exercise as it may put your pregnancy in danger.

Descend To The Initial Position

5. Repeat Star Jump Again

After descending to the initial position, perform star jump again more swiftly. Just get in the squat position and jump up vertically as much as possible. This time you would be able to do star jump more easily and with confidence. While descending pull all your limbs inwards and get ready for successive star jumps. You can perform three sets of 15 star jumps in just 25 minutes. Performing these jumps helps boost your metabolic rate, promote weight loss, strengthen your muscles, tones your lower body, and make you fit.

Now that you know these five simple steps to perform this highly beneficial jumping exercise, add it to your workout routine and do it regularly to stay in the pink of health.