5 Simple Tips To Get Six Pack Abs For Women

‘Six pack abs’ is a cliché that is associated with men. Everywhere one looks six-pack is targeted towards men and not women. Women in recent days tend to give much importance to health and maintaining appropriate physique. A flat tummy is every women’s dream. With the current medical advancements women can easily obtain their beauty in one package, but six pack abs one element that cannot be bought by money.

Simple Tips to Get Six Pack Abs for Women

1. Reducing Body Fat Percentage

For attaining six pack abs the body fat of women should be between 16 and 19 percentage, the average level is between 22 to 33 percent. Achieving six pack abs will take some time and lot of effort. Doing all exercise like planks crunches etc., will not decrease the body fat level. A well balanced and portioned diet along with cardio and proper rest will help in decreasing the body fat.

2. Appropriate Diet

Obtaining six pack requires a special diet. Cutting down the intake of sugar, eating in lesser portions helps to decrease weight, but to get six packs one must have a strategy. The specific diet will have a large intake of protein and vegetables. Fruits and whole grains can be taken on alternative days. Since six pack requires a specific ratio of protein, fat and carbohydrates, foods prepared outside home like at friend’s place or restaurants are to be avoided. Also, do not forget to drink minimum 80 ounces of water daily. Water therapy must also be included in order to get six-pack abs. This is because water helps in flushing out toxins as well as fat cells from the body. One might suffer from bloating and water retention, if adequate water is not taken every day.

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3. Get Serious About Cardio

Weight loss can be done even without doing exercise which leads to losing muscle along with fat and this hampers the presence of six pack. The basic rule is to call for 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day. Cardio exercise like walking, rowing and running are very important to burn calories. High-intensity exercise is more effective when it comes to fat burning and reach the fat levels required for six-pack abs. Experts suggests high-intensity workouts, as it is quite effective compared to steady-state exercises. This approach is especially useful for burning visceral fat that present in the abdominal wall.

4. Abs Exercises

A number of abs exercise is available to strengthen the muscles and attain six packs. Push-ups, crunches, planks strengthen the six packs and build the chest. Tight rotation is a new exercise and an effective one. These exercise gives effect to the whole body and helps to burn the unwanted fat deposited in the body. Crunches, side planks, and bird dog are some of the workouts that you can include initially later you can move on to standing cable crunches, standing trunk rotation and kettlebell swings.

5. Lifting Weights

Strength training is fundamental in attaining six packs for women. When women lose weight without lifting weights, every pound you lose comes from the valuable lean mass. Strength training must be done three times in a week. You need to do 3-sets of multiple workouts that exercise major muscle group in the body including arms, hips, shoulders, abs, legs, back and chest. Alternately, you can go for strength training workouts 4 – 5 days a week alternating upper and lower body workouts. Do not miss out abdominal exercises during strength-training routine.

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