5 Simple Ways To Lift Saggy Breasts

5 Simple Ways To Lift Saggy Breasts

Perfectly shaped breasts are the wish of every woman. But it is not possible to keep the firmness throughout the life. Breasts sagging are the normal process where breasts loose the elasticity and position. Generally, sagging starts after forty years of age, though it can happen earlier due to various reasons. Other than the age factor, breasts sagging happens because of pregnancy, breastfeeding, massive weight loss or gain, menopause, diseases like, breast cancer, tuberculosis, and excessive consumption of alcohol, nicotine and carbonated beverages. Actually, breasts don’t have any muscles. These are contained with milk glands, fat and connective tissues. That is why it needs good care of keeping the perfect shape.

Here We Are Going To Share Some Wonderful, Easy Way To Boost The Shape Of The Breasts:

1. Exercise

Exercise can be a great help for those who has saggy breasts. These are pectoral exercises for tightening the pectoral muscles under the breasts and breast tissues. Hence, it is important to add exercises in the daily routine. Some very effective exercises are push ups, bench press, triceps dips, Dumbbell Flyes, Slams with Medicine Ball, arm raises. These exercises are good if one can practice these regularly, at least 2 to 3 sets each day. These exercises will work out on chest, arms, triceps and pectoral muscles and help to make these muscles firm and tight. This way one can boost the muscles as well. The breasts will be firm and lift up.


2. Massage

Massaging is a great way to shape the saggy breasts. Massage your breasts with olive oil two times a day. The skin will be hydrated, smooth and radiant. The anti-oxidant and fatty acids in olive oil will protect the damage from free radicals and prevent saggy breasts. Nor the process of applying the oil, take some olive oil on the palm and rub it in between palms to generate hit. Now rub the palm on your breasts in the upward motion. Do this massage for at least 15 minutes gently. Do this massage at least 5 times a week. You can also use argan oil or almond oil for massage.


3. Supportive Brassieres

Try to wear a brassiere which fits you properly. Choose the lift one it will give the support and made your breasts firm. Supportive brassieres are good for giving you a good shape. You can make a habit to wear a supportive brassiere, if you are not too old then it can help you to make a good breast’s shape. Wear a supportive brassiere for the whole time. In fact, at night, wear a sportsbrassiere or a sleeping brassiere for protecting your breasts from drooping. When you have saggy breasts then don’t wear any ordinary brassiere.


4. Stay In The Right Posture

Staying in the right posture is a must thing to avoid saggy breasts. You work, sit, stand or do anything but do it in the right posture. Always keep your back straight. It is necessary for the shape of your breasts. A good posture helps to keep the breasts in proper place and proper shape. It is very important to maintain the correct posture mindfully. Try to use comfortable chair, bed and other furniture which can help you to maintain the perfect body posture.


5. Healthy Diet

When you are thinking of firming your breasts, you must go for the right diet plan. Increase the amount of whole grain, fresh fruits and fresh veggies. Healthy food will give you nutrients and it will help you to be in proper body shape.