5 Steps To Perfect Dewy Makeup

When the weather turns cold outside, our skin also starts feeling parched, tight and unhealthy. When this happens, most of us don’t feel like loading it with makeup and make it even worse. So this season, get rid of all your heavy makeup and instead give your skin a healthy dewy glow by following these simple steps.

Here Are The 5 Steps To Perfect Dewy Makeup:

Step 1: Moisturize

Getting the right base is the key to a good makeup routine. Especially if you have dry skin, applying a good quality moisturizer will help you to get fresh looking skin and the resulting makeup would also look fresh. Not only will it create the perfect base for the application of makeup, it will also smoothen and hydrate your skin.


Step 2: Dewy Foundation

The next step to getting the perfect dewy makeup is to go for a foundation that provides a natural finish, instead of one that gives a matte finish. This kind of foundation will give a healthy glow and dewy look to the skin. The Mac Studio Fluid foundation is a good example of this foundation as it provides full coverage while making the skin look luminous and fresh.

Dewy Foundation

Step 3: Use Powder Sparingly

Once you have applied the perfect dewy foundation on your skin, you will want to set it with loose powder to make it last longer. But keep in mind that applying too much powder will make the makeup look less natural. So apply powder sparingly using a large fluffy brush and just dust lightly to get a natural look. Alternatively, you can also go for a makeup setting spray.

Use Powder Sparingly

Step 4: Cream Blush

A touch of blush on the cheeks looks amazing, but applying powder blush on dry skin will make it look noticeably drier. So to get a dewy look, go for a cream blush instead. Today, a variety of shades are available in the market that will add a light glow to the cheekbones and make you look brighter.

Cream Blush

Step 5: Highlighter

A heavy concealer can ruin your dewy look completely and make you look more unnatural. So skin the concealer and instead use a highlighter on the brim of the nose and under the eyes. These days, highlighters are also available in variety of shades and finishes to match different skin tones. Apply a touch of highlighter on your cheekbones above the blush to complete the perfect dewy look.


To get a glowing, healthy-looking dewy glow on your skin even in dried seasons like winter and fall, follow the above mentioned steps and keep glowing.