5 Stockings With Eye Catchy Designs

Stockings are a great pair to have in your wardrobe that can help you with short dresses. The helping cause comes in 2 ways, firstly it may protect you against the cold & sun and secondly it can help you in situations when you don’t want to flaunt your legs publically. Apart from this, stockings can look great and sexy if the color and the design are matching with the skirt or dress, and the sweet lower torso will just be enough to brighten up your look and thus can become very handy. Let us look at some of the ideas that can come handy when you are putting on the pair as they are described below as the following.

Below Are The Stockings With Eye Catchy Designs:

1. Black Floral Design

Black is one color that goes well with many color and dresses. Therefore having such a black pair of stockings with floral designs, let us say a rose or leaves pattern is just what you may require while you go out at night. Remember to keep the floral design just a little raised above the sheer section.


2. Stripes And Dots

Not every woman may be comfortable with her legs uncovered but then there are others who wouldn’t mind the opposite. To come to a middle point, with some creativity a pair of stockings can be made that can help you ease on both the notions. The pair is designed in such a manner that allows the front view of the stockings slightly more than the behind portion therefore giving you the hot & sexy look overall. To design the same with something, tiny black dots can come to your rescue while the other half already in a darker shade than the front, wouldn’t require anything more. Again, such a design will go perfectly with many dresses that you have in your cupboard.


3. Ripped Tights

Would you ever imagine if ripped tights would be in trend? Well who’s the one making the rules if you are your own master? Embracing such a unique one can be a bit odd but would definitely give you the edge over the others. Ripped tights look good especially with boots, skirts or edge crop tops, therefore providing you with a casual look overall.


4. Clashing Pattern

Very often we come across a pattern that may not be able to define anything particularly but nevertheless will give you one hell of a stylish look. For example the chefron style tights can match pretty much all occasions. Stockings made of black color will also give it another classy look with skirts and dresses therefore a very important addition in your wardrobe if already not there. Wearing bots underneath the same type of stockings can also be an alternative for looking sexy with a pair of stocking on.


5. Knit Tights

For the women interested in knitting, stockings can be a great time pass for them and in return, with little diligence you can have a great pair of stockings. The color scheme will be according to you and your outfit. They are super cozy and can look out of the box if compared to other designs available in the market. Such a pair can have crochet designing, floral and a humble one including dots as well.